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^^This. Merchants that have NFC-type payments want to use what is already established. New merchants can use a "newer" system if they want to. If we see NFC this time around, I expect Apple to have contigency plans for both NFC and a new Bluetooth LE based solution as well. Which I think is the smart thing to do! I am just sayng Tallest Skil, do not write off NFC because you personally do not have a want/need for it. Many of us do!!
Why is everybody so adamant that having NFC will be a bad idea? Or that iBeacons are sufficient? Maybe you guys should think outside the narrow American box you live in and realize that NFC is used all over the world, especially where I live in Japan. I think that if true this will be great and open the door for a new type of mobile payment, even in the US. And Apple will be at the forefront, because let's face it, no one can do something like this but them. Every other...
Well you're right about one thing, American internet is garbage compared to Japan. I live in Yokosuka, Japan, and have So-net Nuro. 2 Gb/s beauty. Of course, that's theoretical, and I've never gone over 600 Mb/s, but it's still incredible compared to the Cox cable I had in San Diego.
What?! Sony is the superior player this generation. How does that compare to Samsung?EDIT: Haha just noticed my signature. Haven't update it in a little while I guess!
Agreed. Plus, in the event they do choose to do this, then they better darn well include an adapter with EVERY device that has this "feature," free of charge.
You know, I genuinely wonder what kinds if computers that they have running there. The Xserve is gone, so maybe it's just a ton of Hackintoshes.
I like the display on my iPhone 5 as well, but my Samsung LED TV 2013 UNF8000) is the best looking TV I've yet owned. Similar to our iPhones, excellent color clarity. It's just a whole lot larger.
It's all about the screen quality! That's the only thing that matters in a TV!
Why are you guys all so down on Samsung? You must admit that they DO make AWESOME televisions, right?
AAgreed. And with the desktop applications, personally, I think Apple wins with Keynote, but Microsoft Word is better. (Never used Numbers so can't comment yet!)
New Posts  All Forums: