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I like the display on my iPhone 5 as well, but my Samsung LED TV 2013 UNF8000) is the best looking TV I've yet owned. Similar to our iPhones, excellent color clarity. It's just a whole lot larger.
It's all about the screen quality! That's the only thing that matters in a TV!
Why are you guys all so down on Samsung? You must admit that they DO make AWESOME televisions, right?
AAgreed. And with the desktop applications, personally, I think Apple wins with Keynote, but Microsoft Word is better. (Never used Numbers so can't comment yet!)
I don't know.
Wait, so does anyone have any info on whether someone like OWC will be making uogradable SSDs then? That's what holding me back right now! Thanks.
It's "India" not "Indian". What are you twelve?
Wow, it kind if makes sense to me now why some things in iOS 7 seem a little different from what was gown. For example the "new" Siri voices at are supposed to be present are nowhere to be found yet. It's still using the same voice as before, and I haven't been able to find an option to change it.
Agreed, that would make more sense. This would be so awesome, too. I'm in the Navy, and having iPads on the ship available for official work would be super cool and convenient! Some people carry them around now, but they aren't allowed to bring them into secured spaces.
Here's hoping it's just as you said, an "iPod Touch Mini", and they keep the current iPod Nano (although a capacity bump would be nice). I love using it when I work out and don't want to see it go away!
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