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Well you're right about one thing, American internet is garbage compared to Japan. I live in Yokosuka, Japan, and have So-net Nuro. 2 Gb/s beauty. Of course, that's theoretical, and I've never gone over 600 Mb/s, but it's still incredible compared to the Cox cable I had in San Diego.
What?! Sony is the superior player this generation. How does that compare to Samsung?EDIT: Haha just noticed my signature. Haven't update it in a little while I guess!
Agreed. Plus, in the event they do choose to do this, then they better darn well include an adapter with EVERY device that has this "feature," free of charge.
You know, I genuinely wonder what kinds if computers that they have running there. The Xserve is gone, so maybe it's just a ton of Hackintoshes.
I like the display on my iPhone 5 as well, but my Samsung LED TV 2013 UNF8000) is the best looking TV I've yet owned. Similar to our iPhones, excellent color clarity. It's just a whole lot larger.
It's all about the screen quality! That's the only thing that matters in a TV!
Why are you guys all so down on Samsung? You must admit that they DO make AWESOME televisions, right?
AAgreed. And with the desktop applications, personally, I think Apple wins with Keynote, but Microsoft Word is better. (Never used Numbers so can't comment yet!)
I don't know.
Wait, so does anyone have any info on whether someone like OWC will be making uogradable SSDs then? That's what holding me back right now! Thanks.
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