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Uhhh... what would you consider this????http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXfjcM_q6MM
Forgiving the apparent lack of grammar check , please please help the readership understand why you still insist on claiming the 2G Touch is thinner than it's predecessor? While it's now tapered in at the edges, it is actually thicker by all of half a millimeter- basically the same thickness in my book but certainly not thinner???
Nope- it's thicker. Check the spec sheets. We're talking all of half a mm thicker, but still it irks me that people are spreading misinformation that it is thinner when it ain't.
It's not- actually slightly thicker then the last gen. You're just seeing the tapered edge.
Don't mean to be overly harsh but this is a FAIL on several levels a) The 2G iPod Touch is NOT thinner (it's actually ever so slightly thicker). Stop propagating that untruth. b) Have you actually used the audio recording feature w/ a mic. NO, nor is it a listed feature anywhere on the iPod Touch spec sheet. c) If you are going to do side by side comparison shots, do it against a 1st gen iPod Touch and not iPhones?!?! There's alot to love about this little...
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