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I really think they've gone back in time.  I remember Steve glowingly showing off the 3d toolbar and how the icons were reflected and how translucency was so beautiful.  I agreed with him then and I agree with him now.  The Yosemite desktop looks like something that would have been invented for a science fiction movie in the 70s before ray tracing and such.  This is tragic.  The OS8 color icons were prettier.     What I'm looking for now is for 3rd party companies to...
so how does the camera compare with the iphone 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s ??
I was there in Durham NC on Saturday.  The article is wrong in at least one point They had up to 80 visitors wearing Glass at the same time in the room, not just one.  They never demoed the tilt-the-head trick to me.  Afterwards I was told you could turn your head to see menus but I didn't see that either,   There were several things that bugged me about the demo. 1. The bandwidth from the Glass to the Internet was so pathetic (and mismanaged) that most things didn't...
 emphasis mine.  This guy is NOT a fan of the subway.  Check. 
From what I could find on appleinsider, the adoption rate for android 4.3 is more than 10000 times slower than iOS 7. I wish I could find the adoption rate article . It was in the past 12 days or so as I recallThis site shows adoption of 4.1 and 4.2 which is pathetic enough, but it doesn't even mention 4.3: http://developer.android.com/about/dashboards/index.html
"decrease in reception strength of about -20 dBm, " This is sloppy and the author can't be right. The sentence may also be a double negative. 20dB is a horrific reduction in signal. They can't have meant that. -20dB IS a reduction. decreasing by -20dB means increasing. -20 dBm (note the m) is an absolute measurement, not a delta. The sentence is like saying reducing by sea-level when they meant reducing TO sea-level. The correct wording might have been "decrease in...
Running an accelerometer doesn't take as much juice as lighting up a backlight by any stretch.  It would really suck though if my watch wouldn't work while reclining, or skydiving, however.  I'm inclined (sorry) to think that making a sensor to notice the index finger squeezing (which pulls a muscle in the wrist) may be possible.  I used to be sure that Apple would surprise us all.  Now I just hope they will.    
Wifi at 700MB/sec. Not likely. Also. Wifi used for high speed (like HD streaming) fails badly in areas where there are more than a few independent networks all used for this. IMO wifi is being over-sold. A single 100mbit Ethernet beats a wifi LAN and a single gigE beets the bandwidth of the entire wifi spectrum. This is 10x as fast as gigE and you can run a bundle of them up the core of a high rise in the middle of a city with no interference. Nice.
Drobforever Remember Konfabulator?
Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi and Tim Cook in the same club?  I'm not sure Mr. Cook should be very happy with that.  
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