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Watching the Getting Started with Plex video.  This is spectacular!    -- thanks for bringing it up!  
Ah USB-C connector.   So what we'd need is a USB-C to lightning cable?  The cable looks like USB-A to lightning.  Very odd.  
  I think it would take a lightning to lightning cable.  The AppleTV does't appear to have a USB socket.  
I recall reading that you were supposed to pair the remote to the AppleTV by plugging the included lightning cable between the AppleTV and the remote. Did the AppleTV come with such a cable?
It would be nice to be able to do a resolution reduction in Messages. sending an iPhone 6 image is already way too tedious when I'm not on WiFi. I expect the 12Megapixel image to be even more so. It would be nice to have Messages automatically reduce the image size (or increase compression?) by default and offer me a full-resolution image as an option. I am looking forward to having even higher resolution images. I'd also like real focus and a larger lens. I'd rather...
Interesting comment lkrupp!  Wild West was a frontier.  Wild West attracted people looking for any break over civilization, aggressive pursuers of freedom or opportunity, and people who were put there against their wishes or who were tricked into going.  Is that what Android is? Fabulous.
The only reason I brought it up is that last July I spent an hour and a half at a friend's house tracking down what was jamming his ham radios.  It turned out to be 3 of the charging pads, each waking up every dozen seconds or so and chirping for a fraction of a second.  It was very audible at 100' from the house on a BaoFeng UV5R radio set to any frequency around 140Mhz.  It was quite maddening because we first couldn't find it by walking around the inside of the house...
I have a concern about inductive charging pads in that they put out a real amount of waste energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation, i.e. radio waves.  That energy tends to be detected by sensitive radio receivers, like that found in cellphones, 2-way radios, laptop WiFi, broadcast band and television receivers, etc..   It strikes me as a generally bad idea to add to the electromagnetic noise in the house.    On the other hand, I do like the idea of not having to...
I ordered a 38mm stainless milanese on May 7th. They claimed Jun 10 to Jun 23 delivery. Yesterday (may 12th) they said it was shipped UPS for delivery today.
You may have lost the thread here.  I was suggesting that the reason I did not pre-order a watch while or after the demo was that I needed to know some important details that the demo-er didn't know.  So I went home (to use the Internet) instead of pre-ordering it at the point of demonstration.  
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