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Comic Con 2010: The New Tron Legacy Trailer!
iTunes.com is coming March 2011! Read more here Follow Apple’s earnings call today, and during the Q&A section a question about the data center Apple is building in North Carolina just came up. "Apple NC data center build is on schedule, should be complete end of the calendar year, start using it in 2011.” And, they said that today they couldn’t share more details. Now this is just speculation, but many times we reported that NC data center could be meant for the...
Here's an article on the Late-2010 Mac Pro and iMac and what to expect. With info coming out from vary sources stating that the New Mac Pro and iMac will have USB 3.0 (3.2Gbps-5Gbps) and IEEE 1394 Firewire S3200 (3.2Gbps) ports to prove truth to this there will have to be an update for Mac OS X Snow Leopard and Mac OS X Snow Leopard Serverwith a version 10.6.5 that will enable support for the New Chipsets with these ports. I also add that Apple will release a 27" LED...
Read and think about it. You figure out that something is not usual about this product release. April 19th 2010 Gizmodo published a story. Gary Powell, an Apple engineer, lost Apple iPhone Prototype that was found by anonymous person. Gizmodo then approached the person and bought the prototype for $5,000. As a result of Jason Chen overzealous ambition combined with the recklessness and pathetic ethics of Gizmodo of Gawker Media has costed not just Apple millions but...
How is it working for you? You love it or not? If you got the iPhone 4 and didn't get yet it's $4.99 at App Store or link here. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imovie/id377298193?mt=8
Here's an interesting article. Basically Apple is saving the best for last with iPhone 5. Verizon is going to play catch up starting with a high-end 64GB iPhone 5 that will be 4G enabled for Verizon LTE. What will guarantee Verizon to dominate AT&T will be their 4G LTE Network that they are launching November 4th. Verizon could have a ace up their sleeve and in January introduce a $99.99 Unlimited Plan that includes Talk, Text and 4G Data!
I already know. I sold my 2009 Mac mini this past November. I rather go with the $974.99 Mac mini Server from from Amazon. I still got my Wireless Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Remote. I'm just stuck on that Mac OS X Snow Leopard Server Unlimited License!
Wow Mac mini has a SDXC Card Slot!
New 2010 Mac mini has a SDXC Card Slot! It's a 2.4GHz Intel Core Duo 2 processor a HDMI output well as MiniDisplay Port. Who cares about Blu-Ray! Amazon right now has this Mac mini for $669.99! Amazon Prime has 2-Day Shipping Free or Next Day Delivery for $3.99! What more do you want?
Apple announced New Mac mini on the 15th so far I found Mac mini at MacConnection has it for $679.99 and http://tiny.cc/2yw1r They have the Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server for $959.99 http://tiny.cc/e60fh Amazon has Mac mini for $669.99! Cool I have Amazon Prime that has 2-Day Shipping Free or Next Day Delivery for $3.99! http://amzn.to/bxgbac Amazon has Mac mini with Snow Leopard Server for $974.99 I really want this one! http://amzn.to/aCGJ5C So...
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