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Yeah it will I bet Apple will switch from Intel to AMD processors! Thanks this would be a good article for me to write on my blog below!
Actually they are a company verified I was asking was it a good price. That's is a good price, but I wanted to know is it the best price. I'm looking for Canon photographers input that are accustomed to dealing with this company and similar online. I'm seriously looking for a true Canon photographer input.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rf1Om...os=KrHkybXDJNc That's a YouTube link I found the graphic chip-set NVIDIA 330M 512MB DDR 48 cores is way more than the 512MB NVIDIA 9600GT DDR3 with I think 16 cores. You just have to search YouTube I seen 2009 vs 2010 MacBook Pro line and 2010 is just way faster! From booting up and navigating and opening and closing the apps. That benchmark that was posted is not a lie.
Safari is a better browser and after tomorrow it will the world's best browser!
Yeah click on that link is that a good price? To justify the money spent always balance out the money earned. \
There's a problem I been doing research my next goal after 17" Core i7 MacBook Pro is a Canon EOS DSLR now the ONLY Full Frame Sensor is a 5D Mark II that's 21.1 Mega-pixels RAW+JPEG, it can record 1080p 24fps and 30fps (NTSC 29.97) it uses Compact Flash which can go 90MB per second read and Write with a 64GB Sandisk Extreme Pro. Now I usally shop at Amazon but they don't have any in stock I'm considering ABT Electronics click link below. Who shop here are these people...
You actually get 1TB 9.5mm drives now: http://en.akihabaranews.com/41019/st...-and-750gb-hdd 750GB is ok too and they'd have more manufacturers to choose from. There is a 2.8GHz CPU Apple can use but it's $100 more expensive so I reckon the $799 model and $999 model will be either 2.8GHz or they will use single 500GB and dual 750GB respectively. I'd be tempted to buy the second model if it was 2.8GHz over the entry model but not if it's 2.66GHz. Of course a $100...
It real be funny on June 7th Apple gives us a software update to make ALL iPhones Unlock-able from AT&T Network!
Check out my educated guesses for the Mid-2010 Mac mini!
I found more options for Unlimited Data read the article.
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