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I'm buying one. I see a dedicated book reader, web browser and email that I can use all over without touting a big MacBook. People forget the #1 use of computer is to surf the web and #2 is checking email. Now if I can buy and download books and textbook for college courses on this without stepping foot in a crowded bookstore then I'm real good. I'm really shocked that people who spent close to this amount on a iPod Touch would actually be complaining. This obvious does...
Yeah but how many books and magazine do you read? How often you read the newspaper?
Well you just answered your own question didn't you?
I was hoping they would sounds better than iSlate!
I doubt it. Why? How many of us got money burning our pockets to buy a Amazon Kindle. The name sounds dumb. Whether it be called Apple iSlate or iPad I'm sold!
Yeah my credit card is ready to be charged!
Other World Computing is selling the 64GB Kit that's eight 8GB DDR3 EEC Ram Modules for $3,559.99 ironically its the same price Apple sells the 32GB Kit for at the Apple Store when getting the configure to order option. Link is below! I'm happy new goal for 2010 is now a Mac Pro 2.93GHz (8-Core) Nahalem, four 2TB Western Digital Black with Apple Raid and 64GB DDR3! http://eshop.macsales.com/item/Other.../85MP3S8M64GK/
My answer is probably will be China Unicom's First Ever Buy 1 get 1 Free Sale!
Naw it's 8-15GB MKV files some of these have DTS Audio @ 1.5Mbps!, currently top seeding titles are Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, Star Trek and Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs! I still buy music and what movies I want on my iPhone from iTunes but I'm done with Blu-Ray. I rather download the Blu-ray Rips from torrents before supporting Sony or buying a PS3 which I don't care they lowered the price to $99.99. I got a 24" LED Cinema Display and I...
Download 1080p ripped blu-ray movies from torrent sites and play them using Plex.
New Posts  All Forums: