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Yeah to prevent that Psychostar gots to go!
Yeah he stuck in Microsoft World with Windows 7 so forget him and move on.
What's the reason was it a last minute change for Apple not to put the Panasonic Blu-Ray Drive in? I think Apple didn't do it because like I said in earlier post if Apple is going to pay fees to Sony and Microsoft for licensing their codecs to have that Panasonic Drive in. This would have added cost to the Mac pricing well as if the studios wasn't going to put ALL their movies to 720p HD Movies in iTunes. That's not a wide choice for consumers that just Apple helping...
No, you can see it's a 3.5" Western Digital 2TB, but which one it look like a Black 2TB that has 7200RPM with 64MB Cache if it's the one.
Blu-Ray fanboys need to Google 1080p torrents of their Blu-ray ripped movies! I'm saying this because these studios need to realize they need to put their movies in HD on iTunes because Apple DRM works on their movies! That Copy protection obviously isn't working! Yes I'm email this same info to George Lucas hopefully Star Wars Saga be in HD on iTunes next year!
You can download the 1080p Blu-ray rips from Torrent sites if that's your answer! I think that's why Apple don't want that overpriced licensing crap with weak copy protection in their Macs because they seen over 5,248 1080p Blu-Ray rips on torrent sites including G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Star Trek and Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs! These studios will realize how stupid they really are then breaking their necks to put HD Movies in...
Same reason why Bill gates and his family can't go to Disney World or own iPods. Just too much like right!
This will end in tears!
Hey what about Mercedes? Anyway consumers get something with Apple beside function, reliability we really get class! iMac looks so artistic and beautiful. Owning one really like owning a piece of art. Something we really can't get out of an ugly Dell or HP. I think the majority has spoken we really want the good s***!
New Posts  All Forums: