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You know what? I got a better idea what Google can do is make a better games console than the Xbox 360 and PS3! Call it Google Box, where it can have its Chrome, OS, audio, movies and games!
OK Google will have kiss all a**** of the four music labels. Apple had a difficult time dealing with them. What is gonna be different with Google other than another format of audio that we not ready to migrate to? I'm going to LMAO if Zune is better than Google Audio which it may be the case. Google is getting weak they see Apple dominance now wants to challenge them. This is will be their epic fail. You literally have to pry 100 Million plus iTunes customers of their...
Those are sideline gripers with no money talking out the side of their necks. Apple didn't have a good 4th Quarter because of them. Apple did well because people like it as it and bought it.
Sounds like you need some time alone!
I been dealing with the 24" LED Cinema Display for 5 months and I got a window behind me and I'm good.
Why is everybody griping about Blu-Ray? Go get the Blu-ray 1080p Rips from Torrent sites!
Yeah best phone or single piece of technology. I want to get the iPhone 3GS for Christmas!
iPhone competitors still "trying to catch up with the first iPhone" this statement is priceless!
Hey I live here!
It would be nice to look online and not see a lawsuit filed against Apple.
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