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Ok? \
I bought the 2009 Mac mini. These computers are outdates as soon you bring it home because Apple already have a road map like everybody else. I'm sure that this Mac Pro especially a Dual 6-core Gulfton will dust the 8-Core Mac Pro Nehalem. 128GB of ram I better start saving now put the 2010 Camaro off for next Christmas.
What that gotta do with keeping your external hard drive in a erect position?
Actually that's the part I like the most. No value but to the owner ONLY. That's what angry me the most when I purchased Xbox 360 limited Edition of their titles but a few months they ONLY worth but 10% of the original price. I decided go digital download all the way on everything. Trust me its better like this.
Yeah the good old days. \
Yeah I never ever used that in the 7 years I owned a Mac. \
No what Happened?
Yeah I would take a loaded Mac Pro on the way out, too.
I keep my two WD 2TB Studio II vertical.
Is it possible to use this to take 6 slots to have 48GB DDR3. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16820134948
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