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About the Apple RAID Card (Early 2009) Firmware Update 1.1 This update improves: Reliability during startup and power loss recovery. Handling hard drives with bad blocks. RAID 1 read performance. Support for systems with 48GB or more memory. Battery handling and reporting. http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3831 Currently the 8-Core Mac Pro support up to 32GB so when did they do a upgrade to EFI on current Mac Pro to accept eight 6GB or 8GB DDR3? Yeah that...
Yeah move to the Microsoft forum they might even give you a job you can work in Xbox Customer Support.
Apple wanted to do is make software designed for the hardware that they build. Less complications and pure simplistic to me this what makes it valuable and I don't have a problem with that. If Apple wanted to be like Microsoft and make a OS for anything yeah that sounds like a cool idea but look at the headaches for themselves and the users. I say NO here's why, its like forcing Mercedes Benz to be the price of a Honda. If we wanted cheap then everybody knows how to get to...
iTunes says to Palm: "Get your filthy Palms off me! I'm not interested! This is Software Harassment! Palm to iTunes: "We were meant to be forever!"
It does to me. I never seen a company with so much disregard well as respect for using another company credentials to use with their product. Palm needs to go bankrupt and close it doors forever! They have no more creativity nor originality.
Yeah then he be stuck with crappy MP3 sales from Amazon and Walmart!
Yeah big deal! Let's look at what AT&T is making off of 9 Million iPhone Customers; 9 million times the $30 that's mandatory for the data plan that's $270 Million Dollars a month = 3.24 Billion a year alone; average plan $120 of 9 million users = 1.08 Billion a month = 12.96 Billion Dollars a Year. This is AT&T with just 9 Million iPhone customers alone so I think that AT&T and Verizon can handle it.
Yeah don't forget the iMacs!
Well I may consider this after I get a Upgrade from Comcast to Extreme 50 where I get 50Mbps Downloads and 10Mbps Uploads. I get this after that then AT&T Unlimited that's $100 plus $30 for Data then $20 for Unlimited text and now $20 MicroCell Tower. I get it just gotta make money. All of this is a bit much to have a phone service with a iPhone 3GS. I don't have a home phone I use my cell for everything so yeah I will get this.
another reason why I hate Eric Schmidt should have stayed on the board.
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