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Yeah a iMac would have suffice. WTF?
Ain't that the truth!
Yeah well soon as this pass I will sign up with Vonage's VOIP plan as soon as the Apple's approved app hit the App Store! $24.99 Unlimited Calls to US and 60 Countries!
Yeah if we ALL could get it for $30 then it would be News but students been getting Microsoft Windows and Office products below that price for years. \
Steve Jobs is not going to approve crap or something that may be a problem hence must be a reason for no camera on iPod Touch. Apple has work for me and everybody who still buying and supporting their products unlike Microsoft with Xbox 360 by itself I really don't care if its $299 I rather buy a 160GB AppleTV for $229.
Please search for it in iTunes! Good game!
Yeah good luck with that!
They somewhere getting older and forgotten.
I guess they working on posting it still! Yeah I love iTunes 9! http://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/M...18326&s=143441
Well we all are that why we here posting!
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