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 Pretty much. Apple has always said that it only makes sense to have a different price point if you have a different feature set. Jobs would always bring up the iPod shuffle to make that point. I think Cook has too. Aluminum vs. plastic isn't a meaningful choice. Presumably the mistake here was thinking they'd sell a bigger percentage of this "new" phone than if they'd sold last years phone, but they didn't.
This was always the end game. Apple offered Samsung the same terms it gave Microsoft and settled on with HTC and they refused, preferring to simply violate Apple's IP, and that was why Apple sued. The media picked up on the "thermonuclear war" quote from the Isaacson book, probably with Samsung and Google's encouragement, and pushed the narrative that Apple wanted to "destroy" Android. This despite the fact that in the book, Jobs works out his differences with Larry Page,...
Every big, lumbering, uncreative tech company has a lab. They're all doing stuff like Google. It's not hard to buy up researchers and their projects when you're flush with cash. The most you can say about it is that Google pays better than Stanford. You hear about Google's research, rather than everyone else's, because Google controls online advertising and has an especially cosy relationship with the media. The most likely outcome of Google taking away so much research...
I have to admit, I miss the bookshelves. It no longer feels like a "place". I like iOS 7, but everything looks so lifeless now. I hope they'll work more on making each app feel like it's own thing, rather than being generic iOS 7.
In China and the rest of the developing world, the Android open source project is used for anything with a display. It's a free modern OS, so it sees a lot of applications. I think IDC is counting all these devices as tablets. The way they're shuffling numbers around makes it look like they have some sort of proxy for estimating the total number of Android devices sold, then they divide those up into smartphones and tablets, and then divide those up into different brands....
Yes!Let's look at Google's strategy:1. Blatantly copy another company's product2. Give it away for free in order to destroy the market for companies that might exclude Google services from their phones3. Slowly make it proprietary piece by piece in order to control partners once they're dependent on it#1 was bad, but common. #2 was a nasty, cynical move, remiscent of the tactics that almost got Microosft broken up. #3 is just evil.
 The list is of the countries asking for data. All the terrorist-hunting requests would be included in the US listing.
You're right about zooming into apps. My mistake. But the way the apps fly onto the screen at different speeds is new, they used to just zoom in altogether.
One thing it looks like they did copy: The new transition effects in KitKat. Icons now zoom onto the page and when you go into an app it zooms into it. Just like iOS 7.
I think Apple created a problem when it made the 3rd gen iPad fatter and heavier. Weight is really the most important factor with the iPad. In my experience, regular people don't understand the benefits of a retina display. It's something I find really odd, since I've always preferred higher DPI displays, but for some reason it's really hard for people to get a handle on. So you have the iPad 2, which has a better form factor, and is $100 cheaper and the only benefits of...
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