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  Their manufacturing costs have almost doubled in the run up to the iPhone 5 and that has been historically linked to the number of iPhones they sell. So, if anything, 46.5 million is conservative.
  It's difficult to see where an iPad mini could be priced. $349? $399 and it replaces the iPad 2?   Maybe there's no iPad mini at all?
Apple makes its UIs look like stuff, sells millions. Microsoft makes its UIs look like glossy magazines, impresses designers, fails in the marketplace.
This is about survival for Amazon. Most of the things they sell are going digital - books, music, movies, games, etc - and the two major mobile platforms have their own stores (iTunes and the App Store on iOS, Play on Android). If Amazon doesn't control their own platform they're totally screwed in the long-run. The pricing is aggressive but you have to wonder if it's sustainable and whether it will scale. Apple famously spends a lot of money to secure components to...
I think this is shaping up to be a great phone. I like the unibody design. The thinness of the glass is crazy. I think the long, slim design could actually turn out to be very cool. I suspect we'll see Android phones copy it. Samsung is probably working on the Galaxy Slim as we speak. By next year we'll be hearing that the slim design is inevitable and the idea of a wide phone is ridiculous.
The best time to release these phones is out of sync with Apple. That's what Samsung did with the Galaxy S3. By releasing it while iPhone sales were declining they got a lot of press coverage for being the best selling phone. These other phones are going to compete against the iPhone at its peak. It may be that it's easier for non-Samsung Android phones to compete against the iPhone than a new Samsung phone. iPhone customers probably aren't going to buy an Android phone...
Looks absolutely awesome to me. Not sure what there is to complain about.
What we really need is 3D models with Street View level data. I like the information Street View gives me - I can "walk" a path before I go there and figure out exactly where I need to go - but the UI is clunky and tedious to use because you can't do it fluidly. Combining the two technologies would give the best results, or at least once the hardware can handle it. Right now it feels like neither solution is perfect although Street View is more useful.
I can see the court case hurting Samsung's brand. People might start dumping their Samsung phones because they're now considered knock-offs. The tech media is so anti-Apple that it's difficult to tell what normal people think. Almost every article or comment is trying to find a negative spin for Apple whereas in the real world people tend to think highly of Apple and are probably less likely to defend a Samsung.
This is such great news. When Microsoft was allowed to freely copy Apple, the result was more than two decades of stagnation in the development of user interfaces. When a company like Microsoft can get away with intellectual property theft, the result is that a company that is institutionally incapable of innovation (Microsoft/Samsung/Google) can become the main benefactor of the innovations of an innovative company (Apple) and innovation will inevitably cease. The best...
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