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  When I say it replaces the iPod touch I just mean it'll be $199 and there will no longer be an "iPhone without the phone" device. Instead there'll be a smaller iPad for gaming/e-reader/etc (probably with a cellular data option) and a larger iPod nano as a dedicated media player (no App Store). Obviously this isn't going to cover every usage scenario, but neither does the existing range of products. Right now I think the iPod touch isn't really a compelling device. I...
I'm sticking with my original prediction: This replaces the iPod touch at $199. The iPod touch has been promoted primarily as a gaming device and an iPad mini makes more sense there. There will be a larger touchscreen iPod nano for people who want an mp3 player. I don't think it makes sense to keep the iPod touch around when you have this iPad mini.
  The profits belong to the shareholders.   Anyway, I don't see how this is any different from a sportsman saying they're not in it for the fame and money, even if they have a lot of both. Fame and money are a byproduct of being good at something. Neither does the sportsman have to shun fame and donate all his money.   The idea that corporations exist only to generate profit is a recent and utterly disastrous invention. Corporations can have all sorts of goals, just like...
This judge needs to be fired.
So do all documents on iCloud show up in search or just those created by built-in apps (like in iOS)?
The fact that Apple was happy to spend 8 years perfecting it tells you everything you need to know about whether innovation comes from visionary companies and is then copied or if it comes from everybody zeroing in on an "obvious" design. Frankly, if you think the latter is true, you know nothing about design or development. Android and the Android tablets are not just copies, they're obviously the product of careful and deliberate reverse engineering. They simply would...
He probably admired the way he stepped up to be CEO and retained control of his company. That's a lot easier to do nowadays because there's more respect for founder-CEOs (although even Google got "adult supervision") but it still takes guts and would especially resonate with Jobs.
  Yes. This is exactly what I think. I think the iPad mini replaces the iPod touch - which has been advertised as primarily a gaming device for some time now - and the iPod nano will get a bigger touch screen and will be a dedicated media player. The rumoured new iPod nano was exactly what I was expecting in this respect. I think the iPad mini will be $199 but $249 or even $299 would still be feasible. The rumours saying it's non-retina makes me think they're going for...
It's going to be the a mini iPad, not a large iPod touch. It's going to run iPad software. It's going to start at $199. The iPod touch will be discontinued.
They'll probably release it the day after the earnings call like they did Lion last year. That'll be July 25th.
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