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So do all documents on iCloud show up in search or just those created by built-in apps (like in iOS)?
The fact that Apple was happy to spend 8 years perfecting it tells you everything you need to know about whether innovation comes from visionary companies and is then copied or if it comes from everybody zeroing in on an "obvious" design. Frankly, if you think the latter is true, you know nothing about design or development. Android and the Android tablets are not just copies, they're obviously the product of careful and deliberate reverse engineering. They simply would...
He probably admired the way he stepped up to be CEO and retained control of his company. That's a lot easier to do nowadays because there's more respect for founder-CEOs (although even Google got "adult supervision") but it still takes guts and would especially resonate with Jobs.
  Yes. This is exactly what I think. I think the iPad mini replaces the iPod touch - which has been advertised as primarily a gaming device for some time now - and the iPod nano will get a bigger touch screen and will be a dedicated media player. The rumoured new iPod nano was exactly what I was expecting in this respect. I think the iPad mini will be $199 but $249 or even $299 would still be feasible. The rumours saying it's non-retina makes me think they're going for...
It's going to be the a mini iPad, not a large iPod touch. It's going to run iPad software. It's going to start at $199. The iPod touch will be discontinued.
They'll probably release it the day after the earnings call like they did Lion last year. That'll be July 25th.
  When Samsung saves up enough money to buy Apple, it can copy Apple's designs all it wants.
  Mobile platforms tend to be winner-takes-all with one manufacturer dominating a platform (probably because there's no incentive for carriers to buy phones from different manufacturers when they all look the same and run the same software). For example, HTC was once responsible for 80% of Windows Mobile phones in the pre-Android era, despite Microsoft have many other partners. The best argument I've heard (from Horace Dediu) for Samsung's dominance over HTC is that as...
By the same logic, couldn't they get a retina display iPad mini by cutting the same sized piece from an iPhone 4 panel?
  This isn't about whether the developer has to check if an API is available in their code. iOS 6 on a 3GS or a 4th gen iPod touch has hundreds of new APIs regardless of whether flyover is available in Maps and hence those APIs have much wider distribution than they would otherwise. That's the point.   Developers adopt these APIs because they're widely available. The same isn't true on Android. Some of these new APIs are very basic and the picture you paint of API...
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