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It's going to be the a mini iPad, not a large iPod touch. It's going to run iPad software. It's going to start at $199. The iPod touch will be discontinued.
They'll probably release it the day after the earnings call like they did Lion last year. That'll be July 25th.
  When Samsung saves up enough money to buy Apple, it can copy Apple's designs all it wants.
  Mobile platforms tend to be winner-takes-all with one manufacturer dominating a platform (probably because there's no incentive for carriers to buy phones from different manufacturers when they all look the same and run the same software). For example, HTC was once responsible for 80% of Windows Mobile phones in the pre-Android era, despite Microsoft have many other partners. The best argument I've heard (from Horace Dediu) for Samsung's dominance over HTC is that as...
By the same logic, couldn't they get a retina display iPad mini by cutting the same sized piece from an iPhone 4 panel?
  This isn't about whether the developer has to check if an API is available in their code. iOS 6 on a 3GS or a 4th gen iPod touch has hundreds of new APIs regardless of whether flyover is available in Maps and hence those APIs have much wider distribution than they would otherwise. That's the point.   Developers adopt these APIs because they're widely available. The same isn't true on Android. Some of these new APIs are very basic and the picture you paint of API...
  Honeycomb was tablet only. They didn't sell many.
  It's not about features, it's about APIs. Developers can target the latest version of iOS and know that their app will work on the majority of devices. Users can download apps with the most up-to-date features and run them on their old devices. Meanwhile, Android developers are stuck developing for old versions of Android and Android users, even if they have the very latest phone, are unlikely to find apps that take advantage of it. The lack of a few features in iOS is...
  You're reading something into it that's not there. If you ask somewhere whether they're likely to x again, they're going to tell you based on their experience of x, not their unquestioning loyalty to the suppliers of x. That's what this survey is measuring. If Apple came out with a complete turd next product cycle, people's opinions would change, but that's factored into their assessment. Apple is unlikely to suddenly start doing everything wrong.
  This "designing for a digital device" stuff is nonsense. Android has a silly Tron-like theme and Metro tries to mimic a glossy print magazine. The problem is there's no such thing as a native digital "look." Supposedly "digital" styles try to mimic the limitations of old technology: monochrome, high contrast, pixelated, etc. There isn't a "style" inherent in modern digital high-DPI, true colour displays. Displays are used to depict things. You don't look at the display,...
New Posts  All Forums: