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  Honeycomb was tablet only. They didn't sell many.
  It's not about features, it's about APIs. Developers can target the latest version of iOS and know that their app will work on the majority of devices. Users can download apps with the most up-to-date features and run them on their old devices. Meanwhile, Android developers are stuck developing for old versions of Android and Android users, even if they have the very latest phone, are unlikely to find apps that take advantage of it. The lack of a few features in iOS is...
  You're reading something into it that's not there. If you ask somewhere whether they're likely to x again, they're going to tell you based on their experience of x, not their unquestioning loyalty to the suppliers of x. That's what this survey is measuring. If Apple came out with a complete turd next product cycle, people's opinions would change, but that's factored into their assessment. Apple is unlikely to suddenly start doing everything wrong.
  This "designing for a digital device" stuff is nonsense. Android has a silly Tron-like theme and Metro tries to mimic a glossy print magazine. The problem is there's no such thing as a native digital "look." Supposedly "digital" styles try to mimic the limitations of old technology: monochrome, high contrast, pixelated, etc. There isn't a "style" inherent in modern digital high-DPI, true colour displays. Displays are used to depict things. You don't look at the display,...
Honestly that's a lot of value for $199. Great CPU/GPU, decent screen resolution (although I'd be worried about the quality of the screen at that price). Especially if this "Project Butter" stuff has really dealt with the dreaded Android lag.
The dumbest thing in the article is the comparison to AT&T and Verizon stores. The salespeople make a lot of commission in those stores because they're paid by the manufacturers to lie to customers. If you go to an Apple Store, you at least know they're going to be biased. If you go to an AT&T or Verizon store, you might be under the illusion that they're going to recommend something based on merit, when in fact the staff is being paid to recommend a particular product...
How long before the environmentalists catch on to this and start condemning people for using a Kindle + house lights instead of using a backlit device in the dark?
  New Android apps target Android 2.x. Few apps use ICS features because it's not widely available. Who's going to continue releasing apps for Windows Phone 7 when Windows Phone 8 is essentially a new platform?
  It's different. It's not just that these phones can't be upgraded, the entire platform API has been deprecated. Old iOS devices running iOS 5 can still run apps that target that OS. Most developers target older versions of iOS. New apps being released will still be compatible for some time. WP8 introduces a completely new set of APIs and a new development environment. So the whole platform is being dumped. Moreover, WP7 phones are relatively new and are still being...
Nokia got Double Osborned. After seeing the effects of pre-announcing Symbian being deprecated, how are carriers and customers going to feel about Nokia's WP7 line up now they know that it's not upgradeable and the next version of WP has a completely incompatible API? No developers are going to continue working on WP7. This is very bad news for Nokia. They're toast.
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