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Honestly that's a lot of value for $199. Great CPU/GPU, decent screen resolution (although I'd be worried about the quality of the screen at that price). Especially if this "Project Butter" stuff has really dealt with the dreaded Android lag.
The dumbest thing in the article is the comparison to AT&T and Verizon stores. The salespeople make a lot of commission in those stores because they're paid by the manufacturers to lie to customers. If you go to an Apple Store, you at least know they're going to be biased. If you go to an AT&T or Verizon store, you might be under the illusion that they're going to recommend something based on merit, when in fact the staff is being paid to recommend a particular product...
How long before the environmentalists catch on to this and start condemning people for using a Kindle + house lights instead of using a backlit device in the dark?
  New Android apps target Android 2.x. Few apps use ICS features because it's not widely available. Who's going to continue releasing apps for Windows Phone 7 when Windows Phone 8 is essentially a new platform?
  It's different. It's not just that these phones can't be upgraded, the entire platform API has been deprecated. Old iOS devices running iOS 5 can still run apps that target that OS. Most developers target older versions of iOS. New apps being released will still be compatible for some time. WP8 introduces a completely new set of APIs and a new development environment. So the whole platform is being dumped. Moreover, WP7 phones are relatively new and are still being...
Nokia got Double Osborned. After seeing the effects of pre-announcing Symbian being deprecated, how are carriers and customers going to feel about Nokia's WP7 line up now they know that it's not upgradeable and the next version of WP has a completely incompatible API? No developers are going to continue working on WP7. This is very bad news for Nokia. They're toast.
This is nuclear. Microsoft just deprecated the entire WP7 platform. If you bought a Lumia your phone is now worthless.
  It looks like you still get some of the functionality (I'm running it on a 4th gen iPod touch). You get the route, you can press "Start" and it shows the turn-by-turn directions at the top. You can swipe through them and it will move along the route. I'm not sure what happens if you drive it since I haven't had a chance to take it out, but it doesn't look like there are voice directions and I'm not sure it'll warn you ahead of reaching a turn. It's sort of like manual...
It's worth noting that TomTom owns Tele Atlas and also supplies mapping data to Google. So Apple's new application essentially uses the same data as Google Maps. It's not just turn-by-turn data, it's the geographical data on which the map tiles are based. If you look through the acknowledgments for Apple's new Maps and Google Maps many of the sources are the same.
Given that they have to cover Mountain Lion and iOS 6 in the keynote (and potentially a forthcoming Apple TV API and App Store), it seems unlikely that they'd have time for this many hardware announcements. The fact that there's so many probably means they're mostly spec bumps rather than redesigns and will be updated quietly without an announcement either tomorrow or after WWDC. I'm setting expectations to LOW.
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