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People forget what Apple events were like pre-iPhone. Overlong business updates, tedious demonstrations of iLife and iWork (Jobs would rotate an image and everyone would cheer), incremental Mac and iPod updates. Macs had the same design for years. Many years would pass between OS X updates that had fewer changes than the yearly updates we get now. Every time we thought we were going to get a phone, we got a Boombox or a sock to put our iPod in instead. There were a lot of...
A convertible is a laptop that turns into a tablet, those are just cases. Maybe Apple will make a keyboard for the iPad someday, but I doubt it. And if they ever make a convertible, they've lost their way.
I can believe a bigger, more powerful iPad is coming, but don't believe it'll be convertible.
I'm familiar with Chinese history. Just not sure why anybody would think manufacturing could be moved to Taiwan. Taiwanese companies generally manufacture on the mainland.As for the lack of an official store. Apple sells in Taiwan, there are authorised sellers there, they work with Taiwanese companies and they're setting up an R&D facility there. I doubt the absence of a retail store has anything to do with politics. It's most likely because Taiwan is relatively small.
You do realise Foxconn, Apple's main manufacturer, is Taiwanese, right?
You'd think the Chinese government would just take one look at the US, see how well it works politically and immediately adopt its values. It's astonishing that they've chosen to go their own way.
Looks like HTC's plan to move up market and compete directly with the iPhone is working out great for them.
The ergonomic issue is true of vertical screens but is obvious nonsense when it comes to horizontal screens. Working on a horizontal surface is how we worked for hundreds of years before the advent of computers. If it was a very large surface you'd need to be able to rest your hands on it and move your work area around, it would also likely be at a comfortable angle rather than completely horizontal, but those issues are easily solved. There's nothing to stop you having...
I feel the same way. Multitouch renders indirect control obsolete. This is especially obvious when you consider that you can implement indirect control (such as a trackpad) in multitouch. Multitouch is perfectly suited for Apple's pro apps, since they're all essentially decks of controls. Precision control can be solved in a multitouch UI in many different ways. Apple could have released a large, horizontally placed multitouch screen for the Mac for this kind of thing. I...
This article is incredibly short on reasoning. I don't remember anyone saying Apple should dumped PCs and focus on "the post-PC era" before the iPhone, but even if they did, that in no way invalidates suggesting that they should do it now that mobile is a growing industry and PCs are a declining one. The two things would be completely different scenarios. "People have said this before" is not an argument.   At the very least, they need an exit strategy. It would be...
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