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I think this move might really be about Oracle. Here's my theory: 1. Google knows it wilfully infringed Oracle's IP, that there's evidence it wilfully infringed Oracle's IP and that it can't win the case. They can't reach a licensing agreement with Oracle either. 2. Google knows it has to move to a non-infringing, incompatible platform. Essentially they have to dump Android as it currently exists and do a complete rewrite. 3. Google has been to its Android...
I've been following the tech industry for years and Google is by far the most cynical, dickish company the industry has seen. Their whole business model is to use their ad revenue to acquire, copy or steal technology to enter other markets and destroy value. They're worse than Microsoft at its most belligerent. If there was ever a time when Google were the good guys, it was a long time ago, back when they were still operating out of a garage and didn't have any revenue.
The new Mac mini is a clear signal from Apple that they're going to be aggressive in ditching the optical drive. It's obvious the next Macbook Pro won't have an optical drive. So they'll need to be redesigned. It's equally obvious they'll take cues from the Airs and be slimmer.
I've been downloading for 5 hours and the progress bar is only half-way.
I wish the download indicator gave you more information. It's really not designed for big files.
I think the Mac Mini dropping its optical drive points very strongly to the MacBook Pros and iMacs dropping their optical drives in the next update. Major redesigns all round?
It's big news. OS X doesn't usually get feature updates over the life time of major releases. I thought they might do this. I think Lion is going to be around a long time and they're now going to add new features regularly with minor updates in the same way they do with iOS point releases now. Many of the new features will probably be timed with iOS updates, since the platforms are converging.
The patent system is messed up. But the case of Apple shows that it's not just patent trolls using patents to extract money that's the problem, it's also the ins and outs of using patents to protect genuine innovation. Android is a clear a case of something IP law should be trying to stop. A company, Google, bought another company, Android, and got them to copy Apple's new phone for the sole purpose of giving it away for free so they could stop Apple from becoming the...
What Apple needs right now is a $300 prepaid iPhone lite (or a iPod touch 3G that lets you buy data, voice and text however you choose). I think it's highly likely they're going to do this soon (as in September). Their strategy since the start has been to take power away from the carriers. Having an affordable, unsubsidised iPhone is the way to do that. I think Apple imagines a future where those carrier stores don't even exist. You'll buy your mobile devices from the...
Yes. But it was just rumours, there wasn't any evidence.
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