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Strange to think that Microsoft makes $5 on every HTC Android handset sold. They're making more money from Android right now than WP7.
Hidden iOS 5 feature: Apple's global VOIP network that will replace the carriers. iPod is getting deprecated since there's a new iPhone that's unsubsidised and costs the same anyway.
I think iPad sales could eventually surpass iPhone sales just because they don't have the carrier bottleneck. Perhaps it'll happen in the holiday quarter (a Fall release for the iPhone 5, and a subsequent boost in sales, might make that difficult though).
No, that's not what I'm telling you. I'm telling you Apple created a new touchscreen UI for phones and other devices virtually from scratch and Google copied all of it. Inertial scrolling, swipe, pinch to zoom, the way touch-based UI widgets work, the on-screen keyboard, copy and paste, the way the browser works, many of the basic design elements of apps, and so on. Sure, there's a few things that are different. Some of them come from the fact that Android was originally...
[QUOTE=addabox;1876845]It wasn't just that their prototypes were chasing the Blackberry. The first Android phone, the G1 (released in late 2008), was very much in keeping with pre-iPhone smart phones. It's use of touch was quite limited. Android then gained more and more features of the iPhone over the following 3 years. Many features, such as pinch to zoom, were kept back because Google didn't know if implementing them would infringe on Apple's IP.
Here's what Android looked like before the iPhone: But now Apple has copied Android's notifications, they're even! That totally makes up for Google slavishly copying every last element of the iPhone's user interface over a period of several years.
Personally I prefer my iPad to my Mac for many tasks and when I'm in situations where I only have my iPad I don't find myself longing for my Mac at all. There's a few things it doesn't do well right now but I'm sure they'll be fixed (possibly on Monday when we get the iOS 5 beta). I've been convinced they'll displace laptops for most users from the start and I haven't seen any reason to change my mind yet. There's every reason for optimism.
I think the SIM-less design makes sense if Apple can get carriers to sign off on it. Apple needs to persuade carriers that it can do a better job selling iPhones than they can. They may have done that. What could be very disruptive is if Apple can sell the iPhone at a fixed price - say $199 - and get carriers to subsidise based on the number of customers Apple is sending their way rather than on a per phone basis. Then a customer can just select the plan that's best for...
So you're saying they'd operate like Dashboard in an overlay or something? I was thinking of Android-like widgets where they'd be on the home screen. I'm not sure if that would work either. There's definitely a need for simple universal tools on the iPad at least.
I honestly hope they don't do widgets. iOS doesn't need to be any more cluttered than it is now. Mostly I want better file management.
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