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If the Motorola Xoom and HP TouchPad are Apple's best competitors then they have nothing to worry about. The Xoom was half-baked and the TouchPad is a carbon copy of the 1st generation iPad. When it arrives in the summer it'll be about a year too late. The Ars Technica review of the Xoom makes me think Android 3.0 was as rushed to the market as the Xoom itself. Maybe the really real competition arrives with the Android 3.1 tablets.
Hopefully Apple will make a 15 inch Macbook Air now.
My prediction: If Apple does release another iPad this year, it'll be an iPad 2 with a 4G option, with no other upgrades.
The ridiculous thing is that before the "Retina Display" rumour came along - and we still have absolutely no evidence that there's a single grain of truth to it - everybody wanted an iPad 2 much like the one that Apple delivered today. Thinner, lighter, front and back cameras, more powerful CPU (it remains to be seen how much RAM it has). We got all that in addition to two great new apps from Apple. But now there are people who are disappointed because Apple didn't deliver...
I forgot you could put the labels on the right. Display info gives you very little information in Snow Leopard, unfortunately. Not sure if they've added more in Lion.
No, it only displays info on one file at a time, I'm talking about something between icon view and list view, where you get an icon large enough for a preview as well as limited metadata (file size, length if it's a song or video file, author, etc) for every file.
Not sure about all the integrated coverflow stuff. It looks ugly with the icons crowded on one side. It looks like the Finder has been in an accident. I'll have to try it though. I wish Apple would implemented a Windows-style 'tile' view that has the preview and some information about the file in line. It's annoying that the only way to display information about a file is to use Get Info or Quicklook or select the file for a preview. I'd much rather have more information...
I'm starting to think Apple is successfully closing all its leaks. This week everybody got the MBP details wrong and none of the rumour sites knew about Lion. Those were not likely closely guarded secrets (compared to the iPad 2). The fact that Apple felt comfortable revealing so many details about Lion - which is probably the most dramatic update to OS X since it was released - a week before its "Come see what 2011 is the year of" event makes me think we're going to get...
This always happens. A bunch of sites come up with rumours that are totally wrong so they come up with another set of rumours about how they were right but things got secretly delayed, etc. It happens every product announcement. It's getting kind of ridiculous now because there are just so many sites trolling for hits by turning out Apple exclusives and rumours. Maybe it's time Apple Insider started consolidating all but the most trustworthy rumours to a weekly rumour...
Apple has stated in the past that it doesn't pay for product placement. Not sure how they do it, exactly. I've noticed many TV shows now use Apple products but cover the logos (The Mentalist is a good example). Presumably they use Apple products because they look better and cover the logos because they're being sponsored by a competitor.
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