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It's worth pointing out that John Gruber, who originated the two iPad releases this year rumour, said (on Twitter) that the iPad in September wouldn't be the iPad 3. It'd be something that is sold alongside the iPad we're (supposedly) getting next month. He also said the date was pure speculation but hinted that a Retina Display was not. I think what Gruber's (generally reliable) sources have told him is that (a) the iPad 2 is coming next month but isn't going to have a...
This is the perfect opportunity for someone to explain to me why Jobs is considered such a bad person. The guy is one of the more low-key billionaires in the world. He likes to micromanage, but that's hardly a crime. By all accounts he appears to be intensely private and family-oriented, which doesn't point to a big ego. What did he ever do that's so, so bad?
The difference is they run entirely different UIs for the OS and all the software. I don't see how that's not obvious. The iPad UI can't be scaled down without making it difficult to use whereas the iPod UI can be scaled up without difficulty.
Did I say that? Apple's competitors are competing in low-margin areas in order to gain market share. Apple only sells to people who can afford to buy cutting edge products.
Except that they don't spend more. Their R&D costs are extremely low. Turns out churning out a new phone every few weeks, even if it's a minor iteration and you slap somebody else's OS on it, is more expensive than releasing one phone a year. Who knew? Moreover, many of the handset manufacturers do have software. Nokia has Symbian and MeeGo. Samsung has Bada. Even HTC is rumoured to be working on its own OS. HP/Palm has PalmOS. So, yes, I know what you're trying to imply....
The profit comes from being an innovator who sells compelling new products directly to satisfied customers rather than dumping low-margin inferior copies into sales channels. Any other questions? This is an Apple website where people take the occasional potshot at other companies. If you want to see non-stop 24/7 irrational anti-Apple raving go to any other tech website.
Read the condition I posted at the top of the previous page. If Netflix offers any kind of purchasing or subscription to content, even if it's only through their website, they're also required to offer it through Apple's in-app purchasing method and at the same price.
That's what I thought. The press release was ambiguous. But according to the guidelines it applies to any app that can read or play content from any source regardless of whether it's purchased content or subscription-based. So Amazon's Kindle app would be required to provide in-app purchases via Apple's system. This is the specific guideline: "11.13 Apps can read or play approved content (magazines, newspapers, books, audio, music, video) that is sold outside of the app,...
Here's what Apple says in the App Store Review Guidelines:Looks like this would definitely effect Amazon, Hulu and Netflix.
This isn't true. Amazon takes 65% as standard. They introduced a 70/30 split to respond to Apple's App Store pricing but it has restrictions and only applies to books under $9.99. If a publisher takes the 70/30 split they have to meet the following conditions: - The author or publisher-supplied list price must be between $2.99 and $9.99. - This list price must be at least 20 percent below the lowest physical list price for the physical book. - The title is made available...
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