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"if the company wants to really differentiate its smartphones from the competition and reignite investor interest"   The day Apple makes either of those things a priority is the day to sell AAPL.
I think Scott Forstall would actually be perfect for the job.    He'd fit into Microsoft's culture perfectly and is probably the only man in the world who has a genuine motive for taking it on and getting it right (revenge).
Glasses? There are big red squares marking the differences.
Two thoughts:   1. I think you really hit the nail on the head with the importance of motion in iOS 7. I have reservations about some aspects of the design, but where it really shines is the way the animation conveys the logic of the way different screens are related to one another. I think that's really what Jony Ive was going for and everything else (including the flatter design) is in service of that. Contrast with WP7, where they've tried to copy print design and...
I think this is just a replacement for the 4S that has a 4 inch display and a lightning connector. The line-up will be this/5/5S instead of 4S/5/5S. It's so they can use the same displays and have everything on the lightning connector, nothing else.
My main problem with iOS 7 is that it introduces a lot of ambiguity into the UI - it's not as clear how you're supposed to interact with it - and it does it solely for reasons of style. That, to me, is a huge step backwards. I think much of the skeuomorphism had to go because it was unnecessary, and also to make the UI framework more flexible so they can explore new functionality, but I think they went too far. Somewhere between aping print design and over-the-top...
I have mixed feelings. It looks to me to suffer from some of the same problems as Windows Phone. Some of the screens look messy and visually ambiguous because they're too flat and not differentiated. If you look at Apple's website, make sure you look at it on a retina display. It looks absolutely awful on non-retina displays, but much better if you open it on a retina iPad. The icons look terrible regardless. Like clip art. Some stuff, like the weather app and the...
Apple obviously wanted to eliminate the 3.5" iPod touch and removing the camera was the only way to meet their price point. I think this means we're going to see the rumoured low-cost iPhone. The upcoming iPhone line-up would be the 4S, 5 and 5S. Only the 4S would have a 3.5" display. If Apple is instead going to introduce a low-cost version of the 5 then it won't want a 3.5" display in its iPod touch line-up either. Note that the old 3.5" iPod touch didn't have a...
Design and marketing? What an incredibly insulting and ignorant way to characterise Jobs's contribution.
This is nonsense. Microsoft managed to get the licensing agreements it wanted from nearly all the Android vendors. Apple managed to get the licensing terms it wanted in its settlements and also got a cross-licensing agreement with Microsoft. The Samsung case isn't over yet, so we'll see how that goes. Apple's suits were never about "thermonuclear war" or "hindering competition" (both notions are completely absurd), they were about licensing terms.
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