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They can't offer links to out-of-app purchasing inside the app anymore. So Amazon has to remove the links. From the press release: "In addition, publishers may no longer provide links in their apps (to a web site, for example) which allow the customer to purchase content or subscriptions outside of the app." But it's not clear whether all apps tied to some kind of subscription must offer Apple's in-app subscription service. Steve says: "All we require is that, if a...
Doesn't this mean Amazon just has to remove in-app purchasing completely? They can still do it entirely via their website just as long as the app itself doesn't load the website. The Kindle app just becomes a way to view your already purchased Kindle books. Do Netflix and Hulu even allow you to purchase subscriptions from within the app? (I'm not in the US.)
A 70/30 split is extremely good for the publishing market. Keep in mind Amazon keeps 65% on the Kindle and remaining 35% is split between the publisher and the author (they can get a 70/30 deal from Amazon now, thanks to competition from Apple, but it's subject to stringent conditions and only applies to books under $9.99). It only looks bad relative to the 70/30 split of the App Store, which offers so much more. That said, if Apple brought it down to 20%, they could avoid...
I was thinking the rumours of an iPhone "nano" might be explained if the iPhone went to a 4 inch display and the "nano" had a 3 inch display. With an extremely small bezel it might not have to grow too much either. That said, I think it's more likely both rumours are nonsense. I did enjoy the claim that they need a bigger display "to support the tablet PC market as the vendor only has a 9.7-inch iPad in the market." Apple now needs to "support" a market where it's the...
They don't have the "walled-garden aspect of Apple's app store" but they also don't have any worthwhile apps, period. The "walled-garden aspect of Apple's app store" is by far the iPhone's strongest selling point. The only people who think it's a negative are the same group of niche consumers who get excited about task killers.
I hope they do this. If they update with the dual core, dual GPU A5 processor this year it'll be a great games machine.
I think Gruber knows the retina display is real but not shipping in April. The rest is guesswork.
iPad is 1.5 lbs for Wifi-only, 1.6 lbs for 3G. Presumably the stats they quoted are for the Wifi-only (3G and 4G versions are to follow), so a tiny bit heavier. It's also half a mm thicker. The hardware is fairly conservative (for a Summer 2011 ship date) so I expect battery life and price to be similar to the iPad too. I doubt it'll look competitive next to the iPad 2 though.
A piece of plastic with an screenshot stuck on the front! Nice work, Dell!
I'm convinced investors saw the Motorola Xoom Superbowl ad and thought it was the iPad 2. That's why it jumped up suddenly.
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