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Their own OS. That was my point. Samsung doesn't want to be using Android, they want Bada to be the #1 smart phone OS. HTC has frequently announced its desire to have its own OS. It's a point of pride for them. Using Windows or Android makes them a "2nd tier" manufacturer (their CEOs words, not mine). Either company could easily fork Android.
It'll be interesting to see how the Verizon iPhone affects these numbers. It looks like iPhone growth plateaued on AT&T. In the long term, I don't think Samsung will stay with Android. That's not how Korean companies work. If Bada doesn't work out they can always fork Android. HTC has also expressed its desire to have its own OS and was a contender to acquire Palm. How long before Android's two biggest vendors jump ship?
I think this is pretty strong evidence that there's a single CDMA/GSM iPad 2. It would surely be ridiculous for the iPad 2 to have a CDMA version using this chip when it's a new design and they can easily change the antenna.
No, Apple isn't anything like IBM in 1984. The point of the 1984 ad isn't that IBM is popular and has a lot of users. The point is that IBM is a gigantic, stodgy, business-oriented company that's trying to take over the PC market and make our personal lives as dull and regimented as our work lives. Apple is, in fact, the same company it was in 1984. It's still consumer-oriented, it still concentrates on a few products done well, they're still setting the direction of the...
Those ads didn't mock users. They mocked Windows. Only the tiny minority of people (i.e., MCSEs and Paul Thurrott) whose identity is tied to Windows were offended. Hating Windows and hating your PC has long been a part of popular culture. Those ads were no more mocking than jokes about airplane food are to the millions of people who fly in airplanes.
How on Earth is the Xoom "more like a mobile computer"? Is it because you can add widgets to the homescreen? Is that it? Because that's literally the only difference they've shown so far.
People forget the circumstances of the 1984 commercial. IBM moved into the personal computer market in 1981 in response to the success of the Apple II and Commadore PET. Microsoft produced DOS the same year but was an insignificant player at the time. Just 3 years after IBM managed to produce it's first affordable personal computer, Apple changed the game completely with the Mac. IBM was at that time a stodgy, monolithic and absolutely gigantic business-oriented mainframe...
"It can give you a device that you can not only read, but also create documents at the same time." Yeah, you can already do that with the onscreen keyboard, which is still faster than handwriting. Which analysts would stop harping on this ridiculous "the iPad is for consumption" idea that has been debunked a million times over. They get something in their heads and no amount of reality can dislodge it. The iPad is fine for taking notes. You can also sketch well enough...
If this is accurate, it's a ridiculous move by Apple. However, Apple's PR has responded to questions about App Store policy with falsehoods before (or has been reported as such, at least), so I'm not entirely convinced yet.
Okay, well, that is stupid (if accurate).
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