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People forget the circumstances of the 1984 commercial. IBM moved into the personal computer market in 1981 in response to the success of the Apple II and Commadore PET. Microsoft produced DOS the same year but was an insignificant player at the time. Just 3 years after IBM managed to produce it's first affordable personal computer, Apple changed the game completely with the Mac. IBM was at that time a stodgy, monolithic and absolutely gigantic business-oriented mainframe...
"It can give you a device that you can not only read, but also create documents at the same time." Yeah, you can already do that with the onscreen keyboard, which is still faster than handwriting. Which analysts would stop harping on this ridiculous "the iPad is for consumption" idea that has been debunked a million times over. They get something in their heads and no amount of reality can dislodge it. The iPad is fine for taking notes. You can also sketch well enough...
If this is accurate, it's a ridiculous move by Apple. However, Apple's PR has responded to questions about App Store policy with falsehoods before (or has been reported as such, at least), so I'm not entirely convinced yet.
Okay, well, that is stupid (if accurate).
Not true. The Sony app uses WebKit to do in-app purchases. It doesn't kick you out to Safari like the Kindle app does. That's the difference. Sony violated the rule as it already stands. This is not a new interpretation at all.http://www.zdnet.com/blog/hardware/d...f-itunes/11175
You haven't supplied any evidence of that. Nothing in the story indicates that this is anything other than a misunderstanding by the reporter.
Those Galaxy Tab numbers look HUGE given what the device is (even if that's just devices shipped). I'd love to see it broken down by territory. I suspect it was a big seller in Korea and Korea only. EDIT: I didn't see page 2 of this discussion before posting. The article should be updated since it says "sales" and not shipped. As it stands it's completely false. Apple likely still has 90+% market share and it sounds like Samsung has a lot of Tabs in inventory that aren't...
It's British English.
I think we're going to see an Android massacre in the US. It's difficult to tell the extent though. The iPhone has been supply constrained for a long-time. Tim Cook said they took a gamble by getting 14 million iPhones manufactured in the 3rd quarter of 2010 and sold all of them (hence the massive spike in sales) and were then still supply constrained in the following quarter. In other countries where the iPhone is available on all carriers, it tends to lead the smart...
This is a big shake up however they spin it. I can't help but think the fact that it followed the iPhone on Verizon announcement, the poor showing at CES, the near universal negative response to the decision to drop H.264 from Chrome and the news that Apple sold 16.4 million iPads isn't a coincidence.
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