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I had intended to say the 32Gb Wifi+3G model but I can't find a source anyway, so I might have imagined it.
I remember reading that the best selling iPad is the 16Gb 3G model at $629. Maybe $599 is the new entry price for iPad 2. But you get a dual-core CPU, dual-core GPU and Retina Display. iPad 1 could be kept around at $399.
Yeah, that's insane. That's why I'm sceptical. On the other hand, there are images of the x2 assets they've found in the beta. Maybe it's just something Apple is testing but it'd be unusual for something like that to wind up in a public beta.
If this is true, it's going to blow the top off my skull. I seriously don't think they could put a display of that quality in such a low cost product. Especially when you look at what the competition are offering for the same price. It'd need a beefier CPU/GPU and more RAM. They'd still have to get a 10 hour battery life. It'd still need something like IPS for view angle. Can they do this? It sure looks like they plan to.
I think so. I'd personally prefer it if, say, HP/Palm and (to a lesser extent) Microsoft were the other big competitors in the smartphone/tablet space rather than Google and its coalition of the willing. I'm interested to see what HP will show next month.
It's important to remember that Google's customers are the companies that advertise with it and not its users. So Google puts its own good ahead of the good of its users as a matter of course. If it didn't it wouldn't be serving its shareholders. A good analogy for Google's business practices are those of other advertising-supported businesses. The television networks, for example, are notorious for treating viewers badly because viewers aren't their customers. That's why...
I think there's a lot of confusion on this matter. Google simply doesn't have the power to force people to adopt WebM. Dropping H.264 in Chrome is, to my mind, an entirely cynical move aimed at propping up Flash with the intention of damaging Apple. Consider the following: 1. Google has said they will remove H.264 support in HTML5 from the Chrome browser. It has also said it will supply WebM plugins for other browsers. 2. Google's Chrome browser will still ship with...
I think the iPad 2 is likely to have a GSM/CDMA Qualcomm chip. That's been rumoured for a long time. Possibly the iPhone 5 too. I also think we're likely to see an 'A5' chip in the iPad 2 and iPhone 5. I'm very sceptical about the iPad 2 having a higher resolution display or the iPhone 4 being a complete redesign. iOS 5, on the other hand, I expect to to be a major overhaul.
You could have said the same thing about laptops when they were introduced. The only real factors I can think of that distinguish iPads from PCs are that file management is inconvenient on the iPad and you still need to connect it to a PC for updates. Otherwise it's just an arbitrary distinction. If iPad sales are impacting PC sales then they're probably fulfilling the same role.
Look at the speculation before the iPad was released. It was all about a tablet running OS X. The level of disappointment among the tech crowd was palpable. They thought it was a toy. (Personally it was exactly what I was expecting it to be but I only saw a handful of others expressing the same sentiment.) In that sense, I don't think there was ever any question that the competition had completely failed to anticipate what Apple was going to do. Afterwards, the consensus...
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