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You could have said the same thing about laptops when they were introduced. The only real factors I can think of that distinguish iPads from PCs are that file management is inconvenient on the iPad and you still need to connect it to a PC for updates. Otherwise it's just an arbitrary distinction. If iPad sales are impacting PC sales then they're probably fulfilling the same role.
Look at the speculation before the iPad was released. It was all about a tablet running OS X. The level of disappointment among the tech crowd was palpable. They thought it was a toy. (Personally it was exactly what I was expecting it to be but I only saw a handful of others expressing the same sentiment.) In that sense, I don't think there was ever any question that the competition had completely failed to anticipate what Apple was going to do. Afterwards, the consensus...
Engadget has a video of the new gestures in action. They look awesome. http://www.engadget.com/2011/01/12/i...-support-to-a/ Who needs a home button?
Verizon has been the driving force behind Android adoption in the US. That's over. Does anyone seriously think Android growth won't take a serious hit in 2011? I honestly can't see how this isn't going to be total carnage for Motorola, HTC, et al.
I think the iPhone and iPod touch will get an updated version of iOS when the Verizon iPhone is released. Maybe it's 4.2.5 or maybe that's just an internal build and the Verizon iPhone will ship with 4.3 and the GSM iPhone and iPod touch will get it too. I don't think Apple has ever had different versions running on the iPhone and iPod touch. They even updated iOS on the touch when they fixed the bars on the iPhone during "Antennagate." Only the iPad waits for updates.
The PlayBook has an option to switch to a form of multitasking where it automatically pauses apps. I'm sure that's the mode RIM will be basing its claims for battery life on, while showing the "cool" version in demos.
It'll be interesting to see if future versions of Apple software will be App Store only or will still be available on DVD. I have a feeling iWork '11 will be App Store only.
It's a fascinating example of how out of touch the tech blogosphere is. The comments on Engadget were hilarious. They were claiming Apple doesn't innovate and that the Atrix shows true innovation! These people truly live in a world of their own. It's a lame gimmick with absolutely no mainstream appeal.
I didn't see that. They show pretty much exactly the same stuff they do in the video they had on the Xoom but it's obviously running live there. The only places where I think they're ahead of Apple are the task switching and the notifications. I guess widgets, too, but I've never really seen the point.
After all the breathless reporting of the Motorola Xoom, it turned out they were showing hardware running a video of Honeycomb and that's it. I think that about sums this CES up. If Apple did something like that the outcry would be palpable. No wonder investors are reassessing the viability of iPad competitors after CES. Besides the Xoom there wasn't a lot to show on the Android tablet scene; mostly they were 7 inch tablets running the phone version of Android. The...
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