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A CDMA phone is new hardware. There are many other carriers in the world that use CDMA and will likely get the same phone at some point in the future. I think it'd make more sense for Apple to announce it except for the fact that getting Verizon to do it looks like capitulation on Verizon's part. Verizon has been the main force behind Android adoption in the US. Come Tuesday that ends.
If Apple makes the announcement, they have a new partner. Big deal. If Verizon makes the announcement, they're switching allegiances. It's all about perception. By saying that Apple will keep it low-key, I mean Apple's involvement in the announcement will be low-key, not that the response to the announcement will be low-key.
I think that's what Amazon is doing with their app market. Amazon could be the eco-system for all non-Apple devices. That's when things would get interesting. The question is whether Google/Microsoft/HP/etc and Amazon can play nice.
This is perfect. If Apple do the announcement and have Verizon show up, that's one thing. But if Verizon does the announcement, it's almost like an apology. I suspect Apple will keep it low-key. Jobs might not even show up.
I'd guess a significant number of his followers just followed 'CEOSteveJobs' because they thought it was actually Steve Jobs. He certainly didn't get that many followers because of his talent.
I'm trying to make sense of what I saw in the video. The first thing appears to be home screen switching and a way to add widgets to the home screen. That's the flashiest thing in the video. Looks completely over the top for what they're trying to achieve but it's nice. Since Android fans love widgets more than anything in the world, I guess it makes sense to start by showing your widget-selection interface. Then the browser, which looks the same as previous...
The iPad was a completely new product. They roll those out slowly. The iPhone 4 launched simultaneously in the US, UK, France and some other countries. I think it's likely the iPad 2 would do the same.
I think it's possible that Apple will have an option in Lion to restrict installing non-App Store apps. It makes a huge amount of sense to have that there. I don't think they'll ever restrict it completely though; there are too many markets who need the ability to run whatever they want from wherever they want. But anyone who has had to fix the computers of family members would surely love the ability to restrict computers to run only apps downloaded from the App Store.
I think this is going to be a huge success. More importantly, I think Apple realises that most of its new Mac customers will be iPhone/iPad user going forward, and they want to make the Mac work more like the iOS devices those people are used to. One of the most difficult selling points with Macs has been differentiating it from cheaper Windows computers in a way the average person can understand. Now Apple can say to the tens of millions of existing iPhone/iPad customers,...
The iPhone 4 antenna is indeed only in two pieces and one of the "gaps" is purely aesthetic. From examining the video of this alleged redesign I'd say the new model is also in two pieces but now has two fake "gaps" rather than one. Personally I think it's more likely that this is from an early prototype of the iPhone 4 than a new model.
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