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If it's going to be thinner and lighter, this is how they'll do it. As I understand it, the iPad 3 retina display required a more powerful backlight because of the pixel density, and the backlight is the part of the display that consumes the most energy, so it needed a bigger battery too. Use a more efficient backlight solution and you can reduce the battery and hence the size and weight of the device. The two heaviest components in an iPad are the glass and the battery....
  Apple's Q1 is Oct-Dec, IDC is talking about Jan-Mar (what Apple calls Q2 and hasn't reported yet). These are estimates.
  Most people spend more time using their smatphone in their hands (texting, emailing, using apps, browsing the web, etc) than speaking on them, so I think it makes sense to have a bigger screen even if it makes you look like a doofus when you do take a call.
  They seem to be doing okay in India, where distribution is similar:   http://edition.cnn.com/2013/03/13/business/india-apple-cracks-smartphone/   "After a slow start, Apple's iPhone has jumped to India's second largest smartphone supplier by pushing phones to Mom-and-Pop shops in the world's fastest growing smartphone market.   "Apple's success has been attributed to its ability to adapt to India's smartphone distribution market, where most electronics are sold through...
I have zero interest in Facebook but I think this is a good strategy for them. This is basically the middleware strategy some companies tried against Microsoft in the 90s but Google has no defence against it, so it could work. Everybody seems to forget that Microsoft's success with Windows came from their willingness to do everything to stop people from copying their APIs or building their own APIs on top of Windows, whereas Google has zero ability to do the same....
If you read the article closely you'll discover that what they're portraying as a cost "overrun" is actually an expansion of the project's scope. "Cost overruns are to be expected on large construction projects, and the scale of this one has evolved—from an initial plan to accommodate 6,000 employees, to offices for 12,000 or even 13,000 in one place." So the project was intentionally doubled in size to accommodate more people but Businessweek is choosing to characterise...
I want the following:   - app interoperability - shared files in iCloud - iWork update taking advantage of the above - XCode on iOS - displays with built-in AirPlay support   I want to be able to throw my Mac in the trash.
  I think the dividend has been Cook's biggest mistake. It gave Wall Street a taste of Apple's cash and started the current feeding frenzy. There was a reason Jobs ignored those guys.   Hiring this guy is #2.
In retrospect, it's obvious that the insane number of articles about how Apple has been "falling behind" Samsung that were published prior to this event were part of Samsung's marketing campaign. Maybe we'll see slightest less feverish reporting now.
Pretty sure this marks the end of the line for Chromebooks. Chrome Pixel was the Chrome OS team publicly eviscerating itself. Now Sundar Pichai is failing up to Android. Google will say something about focusing efforts on one platform and make some noise about integrating Chrome "innovations" into Android (i.e., it'll still have a web browser) before quietly axing the team and that'll be the last we hear of Chromebooks.
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