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  I think the dividend has been Cook's biggest mistake. It gave Wall Street a taste of Apple's cash and started the current feeding frenzy. There was a reason Jobs ignored those guys.   Hiring this guy is #2.
In retrospect, it's obvious that the insane number of articles about how Apple has been "falling behind" Samsung that were published prior to this event were part of Samsung's marketing campaign. Maybe we'll see slightest less feverish reporting now.
Pretty sure this marks the end of the line for Chromebooks. Chrome Pixel was the Chrome OS team publicly eviscerating itself. Now Sundar Pichai is failing up to Android. Google will say something about focusing efforts on one platform and make some noise about integrating Chrome "innovations" into Android (i.e., it'll still have a web browser) before quietly axing the team and that'll be the last we hear of Chromebooks.
Developing markets are important long-term, they need to be cultivated, but if they "believe Apple is a platform company" then surely they realise that the most important markets are the ones where the majority of 3rd party software is made? That's primarily the US and other developed nations. These countries need to be given weighted values. Cheap Android phones sold in the developing world are not competing with iPhones sold in the developed world. There isn't an...
Apple, unlike analysts (and probably most phone manufacturers), realises that it's fighting a platform war, rather than being in a competition to see who can ship the most out-of-date devices to Indonesia. Software is what matters. Apple is very strong on this front.
  I think this is the most candid I've ever seen him. It gives a strong insight into why he isn't (and probably never will be) CEO and doesn't participate in live presentations. Just very earnest and shy. You can see why him and Forstall didn't get along at all. Very different personalities.
I can only really see this being an accessory. There have been hints that Apple is working on a comprehensive system for monitoring aspects of health and sports, so maybe they have something like the Nike fuelband in the works.
  How many people purchasing smartphones do you think are even aware of the lawsuit? I'd guess it's less than 1%.
  What I mean is the "thermonuclear" quote makes it seem as if Apple has to "destroy Android" in order to win. There have been many articles claiming Apple isn't winning because you can still buy Samsung phones. It's nonsense and the "thermonuclear" quote plays into it. There's no evidence that Apple sued Samsung because Steve Jobs threw a tantrum one day when Isaacson was interviewing him (and given the general quality of Isaacson's book I'm not even sure that happened...
I wish people would stop repeating the "thermonuclear" thing. The whole narrative around the lawsuits has been based on this one angry comment attributed to Steve Jobs in Isaacson's biography. We know from the lawsuits that Apple's goal was licensing with a no-cloning clause. That's what they gave Microsoft prior to the lawsuits. That's what they offered Samsung before suing them. That's what they got HTC to agree to in a settlement. They sued to get the licensing terms...
New Posts  All Forums: