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  We know from court filings that sales have usually been higher than total activations.   https://twitter.com/asymco/status/294739213839130624
The platform numbers are impossibly low for Apple given what Verizon and AT&T reported.
Apple always has a press release for major iOS updates. When the release is tied to a product, it gets rolled into the product press release, but when they release a new one alone it gets its own press release. Obviously 6, 5.1 and 5 were tied to products. So the last one was 4.3:   http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2011/03/02Apple-Introduces-iOS-4-3.html   The only interesting aspect of 6.1 was it had so few new features. Maybe it'd didn't seem worthy of a press...
I don't see how this can be connected to Apple at all. Everybody is suing everybody.
Apple is selling not hardware or software but a platform. This is something analysts are ignoring. When you look at things from the perspective of platforms, there are some obvious things to look for:   1. What is and isn't part of a given platform. Analyst bundle different types of Android together. But really there's Google's Android, Amazon's Android, and various Chinese flavours of Android. They need to distinguish between platforms. Analysts have been grossly...
  That means we're going to see the dreaded margin compression the analysts are claiming justifies the current stock price.
I note the NYT is now taking credit for pushing Apple to make the reforms, even though its articles were published after Apple had already instigated everything they're now praising them for.
I hope this stops the annoying Safari crashes.
My guess is that the reason Samsung is outselling the other Android manufacturers is that Samsung has the capacity to produce enough ARM processors, whereas the others are vying for them from other suppliers. This is the only real way to make sense of what's happening in the Android world: there's a supply constraint which is affecting everyone else but not Samsung. Processor fabrication seems like a likely candidate. If this is the case, then it's likely that the only...
  Between doing a cradle to grave biopic and showing real-time sequences of him preparing for 3 different presentations there's a lot of ground. I don't think it should be cradle to grave. I don't think it should be the 30 minutes before going on stage 3 times either. Like I said, that suggests he sees Jobs as a showman. Given that there's a lot of people out there who think Jobs was primarily a showman and a marketer, that's worrying.
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