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I note the NYT is now taking credit for pushing Apple to make the reforms, even though its articles were published after Apple had already instigated everything they're now praising them for.
I hope this stops the annoying Safari crashes.
My guess is that the reason Samsung is outselling the other Android manufacturers is that Samsung has the capacity to produce enough ARM processors, whereas the others are vying for them from other suppliers. This is the only real way to make sense of what's happening in the Android world: there's a supply constraint which is affecting everyone else but not Samsung. Processor fabrication seems like a likely candidate. If this is the case, then it's likely that the only...
  Between doing a cradle to grave biopic and showing real-time sequences of him preparing for 3 different presentations there's a lot of ground. I don't think it should be cradle to grave. I don't think it should be the 30 minutes before going on stage 3 times either. Like I said, that suggests he sees Jobs as a showman. Given that there's a lot of people out there who think Jobs was primarily a showman and a marketer, that's worrying.
The only reason to do this is if he thinks of Jobs as primarily a showman. That's a common misconception.
It's always a positive sign when the guy in charge of your recently released major new product leaves immediately afterwards!   The market will probably respond to this by knocking another 5% off Apple's stock.
  Honestly, I think those big, ostentatious mansions are more of a pain in the ass than anything. There's a great book "Richistan" on the lives of the rich and once you have a certain size house, you need a full-time staff, you need gardeners, maids, maintenance, security, etc, you need a house manager to manage all the staff, and a lot of these guys have more staff than they do family living in their houses. They start to regret it because it just makes life more...
  There are very few people at Jobs's level of wealth who don't have a laundry room and a live-in maid. Most of these guys have multiple live-in staff, a house manager, etc. I doubt you'd see laundry strewn about in Gates's or Ellison's giant mansions. Jobs lived very simply for a multibillionaire.
I think it's more likely the laptop form factor will cease to exist.
The problem with the ruling is that it goes beyond what was at issue. There's no question that Samsung copied Apple. That they did is clear for anyone to see. The legal issue of whether Apple could demonstrate that Samsung infringed on its intellectual property is separate. Legal decisions don't dictate reality. Asking Apple to apologise is ridiculous. Samsung copied Apple. End of story. Google copied Apple. The products would not and could not exist if the iPhone and...
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