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Yee ha!! iOS 7.1 fixes the slow loading of image thumbnails problem found in earlier versions of iOS 7! Using the same CF card with the same 302 RAW images, iOS 7.1 loads the thumbnails on my iPad in 22 seconds, a few seconds FASTER than iOS 5! Yee ha!!   That's WAY better than 3 hours (or even 15 minutes)!!   Mark
Chemprincess,   Did you use a different SD card?  Sometimes the memory card can spell success as to whether or not a card reader works with the iPad.   Is your Camera Connection Kit a Lightning Connector one and a genuine Apple product?  There are third-party Lightning Connect ones that look exactly like Apple's kit but are, in fact, cheap knockoffs.  Starting with iOS 7, Apple has made changes to prevent those card readers from working.  Perhaps Apple didn't catch...
Apple released iOS 7.0.6 today.  I installed it on my iPad 3 and it DOES improve image thumbnail load speed via 30-pin card reader from CF or SD card.  But, unfortunately, it's still significantly slower than iOS 5.   Thumbnail load time for 302 images on a 16GB CF card (RAW files from Canon 5D Mark III):   iOS 5 - 25 seconds iOS 7.0.4 - 2 to 3 hours iOS 7.0.6 - 15 minutes   Obviously, 15 minutes is way better than 2-3 hours.  But it sure would be nice to get back to...
A friend with "connections" inside of Apple has passed along the photo import situation to an Apple engineer.  I've provided additional information and, hopefully, this problem in iOS 7 will be resolved soon.   Mark
In further testing, loading image thumbnails from SD card is faster (using either the third-party card reader I used in my video, or using Apple's SD card reader).  Faster than CF card I mean.   But even using SD card, image thumbnail load is SIGNIFICANTLY slower under iOS 7 than it is under iOS 5.   Assuming 300 or so RAW images on each type of card:   Worst-case scenario: CF card third-party reader, which takes 2+ hours to load all thumbnails to the iPad 3 under...
I'm a photographer.  For years, I'd haul my MacBook Pro around with me so I could edit images I shoot while on the road.  In 2012 I got my first iPad (3rd generation).  Shortly thereafter I purchased Apple's Camera Connection Kit (SD card reader) and a third-party 30-pin card reader that handles Compact Flash Cards in addition to SD cards.  Life was good.  Using the iPad I could quickly and easily peruse hundreds of images on my flash cards and selectively import just the...
It's happened to me a single time while using iPhoto on the 5S. Sudden solid blue screen and then, bam, the iPhone rebooted. I've used iPhoto several other times without issue. Mark
Sorry, Apple, but this is a bunch of horse excrement!   Mark
 Photo: http://thephotobooth.netBlog: http://markshangout.com Mark
Well, it's happened for a good number of people.  Just paste this into Google and see for yourself:   iPhone 4S volume adjusts itself site:discussions.apple.com   BTW, as mentioned in my blog post, at some point Apple apparently added the shim as a standard part on all new iPhone 4S models being built.  I don't know what point in time that occurred.   Mark
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