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Not too well thought out like the Apple Watch. Beautiful design. But, totally unnecessary $40 expenditure to charge the phone. Thing is I began limiting the accessories I buy for the iPhone because the design spec changes on a yearly basis and I'm left with the "junk" from iPhones past. Don't we all have patch plugs and cords from the larger connector to the smaller, longer, shorter, etc? I get tired of tossing tech.
We used to have a word for all this; snafu!
But there's more. When we were developing a wrist communicator and then a wrist tricorder for the Star Trek movie series, we found the need for a larger screen. Not only for films' sake but for the logic of the instrument itself. The Apple Watch is too small too. So here we go to the Mod look with a larger band and screen to match with extra buttons too as well as a power cell in the band concept in addition to battery life and solar cell. The added size would also allow...
This will be a great boon to artists and animators. Disney wants this tech for sure. The pressure sensitive stylus is a huge attraction to artists of all kinds. The biggest issues will be connectivity and memory. If it has limited access and non-expandable memory it mightn't get placement as it would with great native software, ability to connect several working together in a creative ring and store large files.
we all know first adopters are the real product beta testers for Apple products. Those of us who've been first adopters know this like we know our own names. This nothing new. The product is a Watch. A WATCH, an iPhone accessory. Maybe stop expecting too much from A WATCH.
Thisi s mondo sad, folks. What we are seeing is the extremely limited capability of the instrument itself. And, there is nothing the instrument does that the iPhone doesn't do way better because of size, visibility, and all the other reasons we all know too well. I think what we are seeing is "the King's new clothes" all over again. Indeed the battery usage will diminish according to usage but I honestly cannot see playing a game on a wrist-based instrument. AND, how...
Besides this being not a major product but a major product accessory, Apple is working overtime and beyond all imagination to convince us, the potential buyers, that the Apple Watch is a necessary accessory. indestructibility, fashionable...gee, I am feeling that only Superman needs the Apple Watch. Are we all celbrities because we have one? And are we top talent if we have at least two or more bands? Nothing the Apple Watch does do we need if we have an iPhone! Just...
I understand how you feel. It IS kind of rediculous when another celeb is signed to endorse and wear a company's product(s). But it IS also important to note that while we don't know what amount the talent is being paid, (BTW...its not always money but resort stays in an exclusive villa, travel, other products, etc.) it shows that the company, in the case Apple, is spending like never beforeto insure the success of the Apple Watch. Personally, it seems kind of silly for...
Apple Cheese. Yummie.Apple wants everyone to eat only their cheese. How much cheese does it take before we gag?
Wow, the frustration level of controlling the amount, volume, and intensity of the tech delivered by an Apple Watch must be great enough to require instruction. As we see the rollout progress it would appear that Apple may have concerns about users wearing the Watch sporadically rather than all the time.. It would seem that simply controlling the device is an art not easily grasped. The Apple Watch, CNET's reviewer said, "requires a lot of attention". Interesting.
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