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Takeo is right! I have been in an in-house department and several agencies. There is too much pressure to stroke your peers and supers. It's not a creative environment. What Apple might have done is buy a really cool little agency and let them work on apple as a client. THAT would have worked better than bringing advertising inside. This type of thinking is not good for Apple or any large firm. If it spreads it will kill creativity all around. To be a top ad athelete you...
Regardless of when it launches or is announced think 6 to 8 month afterward to shake out the bugs and get fixed models in to the pipeline. There is always limited supply and whatever is available always has something that works incorrectly. So, relax. This is just the preshow, guys.
By the time the real product is offered I am completely disinterested in it or what it does or fails to do. It's a pocket computer.
Copying and duplicating is what Asian commerce is based on, I believe, and we see more copies of Western products in Asia than anywhere else. Check out China's copies of Western automobiles! The value of a patent does not bestow easy infringement. If the court were to allow this line of reasoning to go forward the value of all patents and trademarks would be in danger. Patent value is irrelevant to infringement. We need to hold this law and the views attached to it high....
There are some pretty sophisticated ventilation systems out there. Take Norstrom for example. Their stores have a special fragrance that is used throughout the store in order to keep the shopping experience pleasant.    Apple stores I believe, do not have such a system. Supermarkets keep their temperature low to keep the packaging odors from being noticed. Its not the food but the various types of plastics that have an unctuous odor. People too have various odors, clean...
All the stores I've been in smell from sneakers, BO, dirty hair, bad breath, and .... People are jammed in to the stores with the door a the far end I've been remarking on this issue for years!
One might think that a nice and svelt little machine as this would come with a universal cable that would patch to the chassis in order to avoid what I call the "porcupine cable syndrome", that is; cables plugged in sticking out straight like a porcupine's quills. Makes the machine appear as though it's on life support! I imagine a third party could tool a nice dock or splitter cable/breakout cable but if we are moving in to the future why not a closed circuit/close prox...
As I see it it's not the product but functions it delivers. Keep in mind the Star Trek model. No one wore jewelry of any kind! And they certainly didn't need an iPhone! Perhaps something to think about.
Oh great! Another case. Between this, a Mophie and the shell I need to use lenses I'd be turning blue taking them on and off several times daily. Time to get a few more iPhones!
What boring news. All variations (not innovations) on a theme. Where's the hand-held "tricorder"? The diagnostic wifi wrist band for patients in hospital? The low cost GPS for hikers and kids so anyone can locate them? Yup, good stuff but boring.
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