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Fantastic analysis. Such analytics are necessary to the survival of the IOS prlatform in general and Apple specifically. I believe and know the key is CONSISTENCY. Apple has now learned this too with Maps. I have said this before, Apple, like Disney, (which Steve Jobs didn't want to have happen) has lost its lightening rod leader. Tim Cook is a fantastic manager, good internal man, but not a lightening rod. I suppose he could be and is trying to be. But even now Disney...
Johnson made too many changes too fast. The expectations of his wizardry were too high. He needed two or three years to make it work. Soft goods don't sell like computers......Especially in a slow economy! Too bad. I knew it wouldn't work
New products are tough to create. They need to let people rest. Too much too fast is very bad for everyone!
Hmm. The car will last way longer than the iPhone model that was current when the car came out. What if the iPhone is bested by another company?! Stuck in iPhoneland! And, as apple does, the iPhone changes size or shape? Oops, sorry go get another car. Your new phone doesn't fit. Too bad. Someone, maybe the car buyer, didn't think it through!
The phone and tablets are clearly seen as money boxes. Personally I'm tired of being nickled and dimed and now more often than not don't bite the hook. Used to in the beginning but don't any longer as I once did. Wonder how long it will take Apple to notice? It's like Disney creating animated films that are only those that have characters that can be translated in to plush toys
Wonder how much the price of Apple & Samsung products would be reduced if these incessant law suits were eliminated? Contrary wise , how much of our tech dollar is spent defending our favorite tech supplier? Where are those oh-so-knowledgeable tech infotainers when they're needed?
Brilliant. This makes it possible for Apple to do what it does. Nothing illegal either. Applause.
Something to consider further; THE most expensive part of business is people. Some may not agree but when you take in to consideration the many different and distinctive departments that serve staff, ie, HR, insurance admin, payroll, etc. people become very costly. Less is more. To be fair we really don't know why the staffing became bloated. But it is entirely possible that store management became lazy or autocratic or ??? We, as Apple, supporters know better that to...
Steve Jobs is dead. Walt Disney is dead. John did not know Steve. The people at Disney today didn't know Walt. Need anything more be said?!?
A smaller iPad would be ideal for doctors, dentists, and others who need a pocket sized tablet for their work.
New Posts  All Forums: