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Mophie makes a great product. We nee to know more about new products and how they compare with similar products in the marketplace. Thanks.
BN has had poor tech support and customer service. The devices are good. It's not the platform, folks. They didn't follow the leaders in support.
As a seasoned reporter AND photographer AND a guy with a journalism degree my take on this is quite serious. It's not only an unprofessional move that will yield unprofessional results but also puts the responsibility of taking good/representative photo images on the back of the reporter. And, btw, the reporters won't, I'd bet, be paid extra for shots they take as photojournalists and neither will the public. The C-Sun Times was the the birthplace of many journalistic...
Apple need answer only one question in this whole affair; did Apple do anything unlawful? If the answer is "no" the matter should be dismissed.. This is a business issue note a moral issue. Washington, it would seem, is treating the morality of the matter as it might a legal one. Consider they are all wasting our money in federal funds to "investigate" Apples' business practice. What are they REALLY seeking?
When I contemplate a wrist product I wonder: we gave up and freed ourselves of the shackle of a wrist watch when our smartphone tells perfect time, sets itself to the local time wherever we are and is always accurate. Execpt for the fad factor why would we wanna go backwards UNLESS Apple has made the wrist mode something spectacular. Why would we want to have another piece of expensive equipment to plug in and charge daily, upgrade and update software on, keep care not to...
I own CS 2, 3, 4 , and 5. I was a loyal and active member of the now-disbanded Adobe Service Network. I demoed and taught on them all. I like CS2 and 5. I am confident CS6 is probably adequate for most in the field. I think the subscription idea is nice but not sustainable. Too many users need PS but not a monthly noose around their neck to use it. If I calculate all the time I would not be using PS against the subscription fee as opposed to owning the program as I do now...
Fantastic analysis. Such analytics are necessary to the survival of the IOS prlatform in general and Apple specifically. I believe and know the key is CONSISTENCY. Apple has now learned this too with Maps. I have said this before, Apple, like Disney, (which Steve Jobs didn't want to have happen) has lost its lightening rod leader. Tim Cook is a fantastic manager, good internal man, but not a lightening rod. I suppose he could be and is trying to be. But even now Disney...
Johnson made too many changes too fast. The expectations of his wizardry were too high. He needed two or three years to make it work. Soft goods don't sell like computers......Especially in a slow economy! Too bad. I knew it wouldn't work
New products are tough to create. They need to let people rest. Too much too fast is very bad for everyone!
Hmm. The car will last way longer than the iPhone model that was current when the car came out. What if the iPhone is bested by another company?! Stuck in iPhoneland! And, as apple does, the iPhone changes size or shape? Oops, sorry go get another car. Your new phone doesn't fit. Too bad. Someone, maybe the car buyer, didn't think it through!
New Posts  All Forums: