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That's actually the back of the case for the iPhone 5C. It's got a 168 hour battery.
This could be part of some yet to be announced settlement in the Apple vs. Samsung case. Maybe Apple will get the chips for a song.
Probably a good excuse to make the argument for a tax holiday for Apple. Showing the govt that they're serious about spending the money back in the USA.
Didn't Atari already have a Lynx and Jaguar product? Maybe they'll drop the cat naming and start something new. Or maybe just drop the names that used to just be codenames anyway.
'American carmaker Honda' really? American? That's like saying 'Chinese iPhone maker Apple'
They can probably pull $165K out of the seat cushions at Apple HQ.
So can I claim that my MacBook Pro costs less to build that what Apple's charging and pay them that?
Eddy isn't going to fool around on this one. He's going to use whatever resources he can grab to fix the Maps & Siri mess. Even if it might mean taking away engineers from iTunes and delaying a new version. Oh, looks like he already did that. Forstall wasn't fired, but was demoted to make his life miserable so he quits on his own probably to negate him receiving some kind of parting money, though he's probably mule enough to stick it out to his end date while scheming...
It won't matter since Apple will come out with their own HDTV next year with Apple TV box built into it. So folks can buy that and hook the Xbox to it, but nobody will pay to watch movies via the Xbox since the capability will be built into the Apple HDTV. Apple should put a bunch of HDMI ports, USB ports and more onto it so it will be the one HDTV to rule them all. And they'll welcome Xbox, WiiU, PlayStation and other consoles so long as you use an Apple HDTV. Apple...
Like cars you'd send the parts out from a chop-shop. With so many iPad Minis being sold the parts for repair should get a good chunk of change.
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