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They shouldn't have been granted the patent. Three-Chip cameras have been around for a long time already. The only novel thing is putting it into a smartphone. They would be better off using a Foveon sensor that doesn't need a prism.
I think future iPads and iPhones should have a feature that was in the Newton and in the Palm PDA only to be dropped by most smartphone/tablet manufacturers...bring back the IR transmitter/sensor and make it super powered. Add some hooks into Swift so that you can use your iOS device as the one universal remote control to work with anything that uses an IR remote, the sensor would allow it to learn from your current remote. Tie it into Siri so that you can tell Siri to...
Yes. Adobe refuses to update the RAW import plugins for Photoshop versions that aren't the latest. So even if you don't need the bells & whistles of the latest/greatest PS you'll have to pay if you buy a new camera. So if you buy a Canon 5D Mark IV (or whatever comes out) you could be screwed if you don't own the latest PS or a PS subscription.   Adobe's excuse is that you can convert all your newer RAW camera images to DNG to open in your older version of PS. They used...
I'm a professional photographer. I own an older version of Photoshop (I refuse to buy newer versions as Adobe sucks at RAW plugin support), Apple's Aperture, GIMP and Pixelmator. I do photo editing daily.   I thought Pixelmator could be the answer to a PS replacement but the lack of IPTC caption support is a glaring dealbreaker that many have noted in online forums and in the App Store.   Yes, I've used PhotoMechanic (an excellent app) in conjunction with Pixelmator...
That's actually the back of the case for the iPhone 5C. It's got a 168 hour battery.
This could be part of some yet to be announced settlement in the Apple vs. Samsung case. Maybe Apple will get the chips for a song.
Probably a good excuse to make the argument for a tax holiday for Apple. Showing the govt that they're serious about spending the money back in the USA.
Didn't Atari already have a Lynx and Jaguar product? Maybe they'll drop the cat naming and start something new. Or maybe just drop the names that used to just be codenames anyway.
'American carmaker Honda' really? American? That's like saying 'Chinese iPhone maker Apple'
They can probably pull $165K out of the seat cushions at Apple HQ.
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