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I used to operate stores in several malls (not anchors). Rent was ALWAYS based on a base rent AND a percentage of sales,that had to be reported to the mall management, and they had the right to audit my reported sales numbers. This is very common practice.
 Don't forget Kodak & Polaroid.
I've been using ApplePay at Firehouse subs for a while now. So the takeaway is that ApplePay may work at lots of places that haven't necessarily made any announcement.
As stated above, but worth repeating, one of the reasons that the 6plus numbers aren't higher is that the 6plus is MUCH harder to find to purchase. The SUPPLY isn't there.
This might serve as an example of why so much manufacturing is sourced from overseas counties. I wonder how much harder an non-US company would have worked to meet expectations and obligations. Issues of honor, shame, and responsibility.
I'd love to see Waze as an included app. Wave is crowd sourced traffic info app.
I've thought the same thing. Nest Home Surveillance and a Nest Smart Doorbell (answer your door remotely, with video), along with Nest smart power/lighting controllers would be great next steps for Nest. I currently use Axis WiFi home surveillance cameras, and store the video using Vitamin D to my QNAP NAS.
  longterm,   I agree with everything you've written. See you at FileMaker DevCon in San Diego my friend!
Truth be told, AAPL started to slide the moment I bought some shares recently. My bad karma has effected you all. Sorry about that.
I'd like to see real progress; like displaying looked-up song lyrics that can be displayed as a song is playing, or an artist bio like is seen in Pandora. Or how about a tour schedule for bands as you play them. And the visualizers could be mush better, perhaps displaying the items I've suggested.Lots of stuff could be added to enhance the iTunes player.   With all the employees and cash that Apple has, it seems they let a lot of stuff languish.
New Posts  All Forums: