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Olivierl is right. CRC isn't a security feature, it's a way of ensuring data integrity. Which is important for a high speed cable whose entire existence is to transmit data from one end to another. As we approach the speed limits of what is possible over copper cable measures like this chip become necessary. The wikipedia entry on CRC is good enough for introductory purposes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclic_redundancy_check
A shame. While the Apple's insistence on making Safari on Windows look like a mac application made it feel clunky and stand out like a sore thumb the developer tool set on it is by far the best of any browser.
Yeah my Marantz amp/decoder comes with a mic that you just position near where you will sit and it works out the best settings for the speakers. This is nothing new.
This isn't reinventing the keyboard. It's just a different type of membrane. ++ to the person who mocked the older Apple crumb catcher keyboards. Those were terrible. The new aluminium ones are brilliant however. Replaced all my old ones with them. Solid feel to the keys and thanks to the very narrow gap between the keys and the aluminium grid they are largely immune to liquid spills.
By limiting Siri to just iPhone 4S, Apple can test it with a smaller sample of users. As it happened they experienced a service outage. Can you imagine how quickly it would have melted down if they had let iPhone 4 and 3GS users access it too?
Er. I think you are confused about what white and brown goods are. White goods is washing machines, fridges, etc. They are utilities rather than luxuries. Consumer electronics are brown goods. And if you don't think there is a space for Apple to occupy in that market then consider Bang and Olufsen.
The AppleTV set top box interface is cool but is not sufficient to control a TV set as well. Using an iPhone as a remote does work really well and I can see that working as a TV set.
He obviously doesn't watch South Park. Do not search for humancentipad.
I read the article and thought, damn good job he probably doesn't live in USA. If I were to guess on country based upon his name, I'd say Scotland. And we thankfully don't have a DMCA :-)
The article doesn't say if there was a problem with the connector, cable or the transformer brick. I know that my 2007 magsafe power adaptor cable started to show it's inner shielding. The plastic sheath gets bunched up a little every time you wind the cable up. I just stretched the plastic sheath back down while the cable was unwound and it covered the innards of the cable again. I'm wondering if this person had a similar problem but didn't do anything about it and...
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