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first - any 2 bit dork that uses youtube already knows how their cell phone and those ugly towers work. Second - like someone above inferred - this looks like something that was made by microsoft... and that's gotta have SJ worrying. It probably solidified the decision to get away from AT&T. p
If Apple didn't know the nature of the community they're trying to build in, then it's their fault. Are you suggesting that instead of local communities having control over their own community, that the State or the Federal gov't make the rules? Maybe the fed or state gov. should also determine what roads are allowed to go where and how high buildings should be in every city - let's vote in a dictator who controls everything about our lives! It's a community - THEY...
Nah - I'm glad there is a committee to approve this stuff - apple isn't part of their community, they are. Have you ever been to a developing country? The architecture is usually disgusting. One guy decides he wants to build something from a Sci-fi movie and the guy next door to him decides he wants a Roman temple and then the woman next to them finds a tile manufacturer who has an over supply of some cheap miss-matched tiles and she decides to make that her facade. ...
IT'S CLEAR CLEAR CLEAR!!! This is the phone that they will start selling in China. That explains everything.
they won't have a QWERTY keyboard - just the same texting style as all other phones that don't have a full keyboard. It'll be cheaper because it won't have 3G, maps, probably only WiFi, but you will be able to download all the apps in the world and you'll be able to play games and download your music. The timing for this makes perfect sense to me- The iPods are starting to lose market because almost every phone and its brother has at least some Mp3 capability and you...
the announcement is that he won't be giving the keynote - not that he won't be there. He's handing things off and I expect a big announcement.
there is only one way that Apple is sending the iPhone to Wal-Mart drum roll, please.... They're coming out with a new and improved phone in a few months, so they want to hook people on the iPhone 3G before they release some new wonder-phone. The phone will be announced at MacWorld and then up for sale in June or July.
oh - and I would like to mention that this post is my 40th post. I'm pretty happy about that because I could never have imagined when I began this journey that I would have more than 10 things to say. Thank you, P
yeah - $100 grand is nothing for something like this. I talked to someone this last weekend who does a lot of business with Costco. They paid nearly $200,000 just to have their logo put in the latest Costco cook book. Their logo is about an inch square and they picked the recipe and pictures that were published in the book. this is an SOP. $100 grand is nothing. oh - and I guess I should have mentioned that for the $200 grand, they get a few free cookbooks...
I love it- If Apple charges $500 and AT&T doesn't subsidize the phone price, they were being shortsighted. when AT&T subsidizes the cost of the phone and increases rates slightly the phone is "really" too expensive. Which one is it? Was it too expensive then or is it too expensive now? P
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