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Pandora will take a huge hit. I'm also sure concert/club info will also be tied to maps.
  Has it ever occurred to you that Apple has high profit margins because they have a better supply chain and don't sell budget products.   Do you think Samsung makes the same margins from all of it's phones? No. They make the real dollars on the S4 and next to nothing on the bottom feeder shit. This is why they have to sell 2.4x as many phones to still fall short of Apple's profits.   Apple is not in the budget bottom feeder market.
  I built a real-time operations and inventory planning, tracking and execution system for a multi-million dollar company using FileMaker (cross-platform) so I (also) speak from experience. What I do know is that to use FileMaker effectively you need to understand it's best uses.   If you're trying to use it in enterprise as a static solution for a company over 1000 people as a long-term (permanent) solution then you probably have the wrong tool. If you're already using...
  Have you tried AVAL (Annual Volume Licensing)? Plus if you get AVAL or not FileMaker Go is free.   I don't think a lot of people understand all their FM options to include FM Server and Server Advanced to include unlimited FM Go options.   Oh, Bento is dead. They discontinued it.
  What the last version you used? Anyone still talking about ClarisWorks probably hasn't used it in a decade thus making your comments invalid.   FileMaker 12 supports native SQL queries internally or via XML requests externally.
Which version of FileMaker are you talking about?   FileMaker 12 supports SQL commands internally and externally in addition to XML queries.   We've had few issues connecting FM to our MSSQL system.   If you're still talking about ClarisWorks you seem to be like so many people who have not used FileMaker in over a decade.       Executes an SQL query statement for the specified table occurrence within a FileMaker Pro database. This command can be sent to FM via a XML query...
  Beats the shit out of Access. FileMaker is far more powerful and robust.
  It seems like every time I read some comment about how FileMaker sucks that person has not used it in 5, 10, 15 years or more.   It's like telling me how slow the original 2009 iPhone was ignoring the fact that Apple now sells super slick iPhone 5.   So you haven't used FileMaker since version 7 while the rest of us are using version 11 and/or 12 (already a year old).
"Having used and created a QA database using FileMaker Professional back in 2004" If you have not use FileMaker since then you have no idea what you're talking about. The program has advanced so much since then. - bdkennedy1
"The 3D view is nice for showing off, but it really doesn't have the utility of street level photos. For example, often when I am taking a road trip, I will "drive" the route near the final destination inside of street view in order to visually memorize the landmarks I need to recognize." Having served in the Army and being an expert in land navigation I find the 3D view far more useful since it provides a better view of the terrain. I almost never need to use street...
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