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  Yeah and Amazon barely makes money either. Giving things away is not a profitable business model but what a boon for consumers!   The very best of socialism. Amazon employs thousands, generates business for thousands of companies who employ thousands and provide and awesome almost-at-cost service to consumers while trickling up meager profits to rich investors who contribute nothing.
Google has bled $14.2 billion and is looking at continuing billion dollar losses. Explain how they turn a profit?
Google has to do something. They are dumping massive resources into Android and getting next to nothing in return. Setting aside the $14.2 billion Moto sinkhole I'd be surprised if they are breaking even with search revenue. More likely that is also running in the red as they are giving tablets away at cost just to break into mobile search, an area Apple owns directly and indirectly. I'm sure Samsung is loving it but this leaves Google with three choices, go to war with...
I love the new idle feature. I want all the shit in the background tabs to stop. The exceptions would be loading the content, if I already clicked to load/play it.
"Chrome still beats Safari. I use Safari, but just need to know why Chrome is better at this test suite." Are they testing Safari 7 or Safari 6?
When is the DOJ going after the bankers who cause the global economic crash? Oh wait, e-book pricing is more important. Right?!!! Idiots.
Still waiting on the DOJ to go after the bankers that caused the economic meltdown. I guess e-book pricing is more important in some alternate universe.
I missed the part where they jailed the bankers for nuking the economy before worrying about e-book pricing.
"What's so hard about making smaller high-end phones?" he asked, noting that Apple's iPhone 5 is "the only high-end smartphone smaller than 4.3-inches." Easy, it's hard to pack all the power and battery life the iPhone 5 has into that small of a form factor, which is they "Samsung" can't seem to make one. Big is easy to slap together. Small is hard.
"In recent months, Google has changed the way it calculates the distribution of Android versions. While the company acknowledges that many devices are still on Gingerbread, first released in 2010, it now publicizes proportions only related to the users that access its Google Play Store, meaning that many Android device users essentially go uncounted with regard to developers. Classic. They didn't like the numbers so they only counted what they want to see. This discounts...
New Posts  All Forums: