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How the tables have turned. Now who needs who's help?
Ah Google, Samsung and Facebook are having their cake and eating yours too! - Karma
How many 4K movies is available for download? How many games work at that resolution? I believe the number may be ZERO.
Whatever they have planned for that cash it has the potential to be earth shattering. They already have more than enough cash to buy Intel and raise Steve Jobs from the dead.
" Ice is based on WebKit, the same engine used by both Apple and Google" should be "Ice is based on Apple's WebKit, the same engine used by Google's Android"
I fucking hate TV and cable remotes and onscreen interfaces. Who doesn't. Apple or not, the internet will break these fucks.
Yes, low volume when it comes to units but high volume when it comes to dollars. are you in the business to make money or not? Google and Amazon sell at cost because they can;t compete. How about you?
The man sitting on the left covered his face with his hand to prevent his photo from being taken!   Says everything!  
"Why does he have to defend it? It's an Apple product. They know how to price them properly." Because some people don't understand math... A 7.9" iPad with a 4:3 aspect ratio has 40% more screen space than a 7" 16:9 Android tablet. We are measuring AREA. Diagonal length is deceptive. Who is being deceptive to customers?
A $250 entry model and they turn it into an iPod like market success. Of course, it will be tiered... Good Model WiFi... $249 Good Model WiFi RAM 3G... $300 Better Model WiFi RAM 4G... $350 Best Model WiFi RAM 4G Retina... $400
New Posts  All Forums: