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The uptake of active users for each new version of Android seems to get slower and slower, smaller and smaller.   Android is out running it own hardware and increasing fragmentation.   The majority are still on what? 2.3... with new phones still coming out on it.   iOS 6 on the other hand now makes up the majority on all iOS devices... just weeks after launch.
FRAND... if you don't know what it is look it up.
Exactly. Just like Google they changed direction once they saw the iPhone and later the iPad.
That was nicknamed the "Apollo 13" project.
  Really? Then why can't anyone seem to beat Apple on price with the iPad or Ultrabooks?   Apple has become so efficient a good chunk of those margins come simply from running a better supply chain.
  By Samsung's logic, using 2001 A Space Odyssey as a example, Gene Rodenberry should sue the entire cell phone industry for stealing his flip phone (communicator) design.   All inventions essentially improve on what other have built in one way or another. The key is taking those ideas and making them into something worthwhile.   The MP3 player, smartphone and tablet industries were niche segments for geeks and business (BB only) before Apple made them not suck for the...
Outselling if you mean "shipped" vs. "sold". The press is full of idiots.
  Apple has 90% of the market when you count sold through to a customer.
The difference is that in 2012 Apple is the number 1 tech company in the world.   In 2006 Apple was not so attractive.   Only a fool would reject AppleStore now.
New Posts  All Forums: