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A lot of people are missing the point. Yeah running iOS 5 on the 3S doesn't give you all the features of a 4S but it does put your phone in the same pool of APIs for developers and reduces fragmentation of the platform. If your developing for Android what can you count on? You can count on developing for 10 different versions of Android, instead of 1 or 2 on iOS. Developers and retailers should also take note that iOS users make up 92% of all online moblie...
Sales numbers?I'm sure RIMM and HP ordered lots of screens before they went on firesale!
I'm sure there was an uptick in panel production before any were sold to insure sufficient stock at launch. The question is, will sales continue or die out in a Fire sale? If sale are great then why doesn't Amazon announce Fire sales numbers?
Apple doesn't make the 3G chip. In fact, it's the same 3G chip used in many Android phones.
Chrome and Opera are "more modern" in what way? Anyone can issue version numbers. Apple should call the next Safari version 20! Does that make it "more modern"? You do realize Chrome is built on Apple's "webkit", right? Do you also realize that Android's web browser is also built on Apple's "Webkit", right?
Only if they decide to make them all out of plastic with crappy trackpads and a sub-standard Windows OS.
Silly. OSX is based on UNIX but no one is selling it to consumers.The Kindle is a fork of Android which is being sold to consumers.No one is expecting all UNIX system to work together or be able to share the same AppStore and stores for media consumption.On the other hand, consumer would expect all Android devices to share the same AppStores and stores for media consumption.The Kindle divides Android and brings with it a WALLED GARDEN for it's AppStore.
Those "activations" are not moblie contract activations. They are simply Goggle "activations". Base on web usage it's clear many Android users are simply moving up from Feature phones to Smartphones and using them much in the same way they did their feature phone. Overseas outside of westernized countries pre-pay is the standard and may of these people don't use data. or have credit cards to buy apps. In the end an Android users doesn't always equal an iPhone user where it...
What basis? Adobe admitted for the most part SJ was right and without Flash on moblie, it pretty much guarantees it will become irrelevant to for desktop web browsing too, as every website will develop for HTML5 first to insure they can be accessed everywhere. Flash will be a desktop application niche in 18 months and I bet Adobe see a major drop off in developer interest overall. Just a matter of time now.
New Posts  All Forums: