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lol - the personal computer was criticized as being appealing to a niche market and thus a fad or of limited appeal. Then the iPod, iPhone and iPad too.It's hard to see how something is going to be used before it's even out there and thus easy to dismiss it. And every time stuff like this gets dismissed and then goes on to be a blockbuster success, the same naysayers will do it again with the next thing.Sure, some stuff is obviously bad, but if you look at essays like...
I dunno - with many programmers I have had the misfortune of dealing with on this subject, being able to wear it as a badge of honor seems to be the most important reason.
What's normal is respecting social conventions.Not wearing an iWatch because you are concerned you would be labeled a "fanboy" is just stupid and not on the same level as dressing appropriately for the occasion you are attending
Supersize Me was a controversial publicity stunt turned "documentary": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Size_Me#Criticism_and_statistical_notesNote another person lost weight only eating at McDonalds which just reenforces that you could convince people dihydrogen monoxide is a deadly poison with a slick enough presentation Nothing wrong with anything in moderation.
Exactly - if your a professional it should be a non-issue. Or hardly the primary issue for you.
Nothing screams mindless drone like people who govern their decisions in life by what other people are going to think of them
I can't wait for this - I miss the convenience of just glancing at my wrist to tell time, and I also eagerly await many of the things a well executed device could bring.If anyone hasn't seen the Ask Tog iWatch speculation, it's worth a read: http://asktog.com/atc/apple-iwatch/lol - long shot? All you have done is admit you really don't want an Apple wearable at all. Just order the motorola flat tire when it's released.
Nope - as I answered over there it's the way web browsers work and 1Password does nothing to change internet standards. It's a separate security issue.
Let's see, you store your passwords on an online service in an unencrypted form so that "if the password thing is anything but hype" you just about guarantee easy access to, by your own admission, your most critically account credentials.vs.Storing them in an extremely secure tool that keeps them encrypted at all times, automatically secures itself after a short time, gives you a way to make using your passwords more easy to encourage you to actually use completely random...
Meh - I love Omnioutliner. It makes taking notes very easy. A good BT keyboard with an iPad makes it a very powerful note taking tool. I use it in meetings all the time as I can type much faster than write and I can always read what I type later whereas with my handwriting....There are pro's and cons, but the small size and low weight make an iPad a perfect digital assistant where the bulk of a laptop (even a MacBook Air) would be more distracting.
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