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Yes - the Chinese are picking up where we stopped in the 50's: http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk/finance/ambroseevans-pritchard/100026863/china-going-for-broke-on-thorium-nuclear-power-and-good-luck-to-them/
Which is a strategic issue for us - our military, for one is seriously concerned about it, as we all should be. Much like Shale Oil was far to expensive to extract until the per barrel cost of Oil exceeded a threshold, extracting rare earths in an environmentally friendly way will happen when the right economics appear. More demand will make that happen more quickly which is a good thing.Exactly. EVs are the future - the economics are far too compelling. And even if...
As someone who pretty much only buys used cars, I can authoritatively say - the majority of people don't care about driving a car past 100K miles. They want to move on to a newer, flashier car every 2-4 years.And for their stupidity, I'm grateful
Who says the thing itself has to be vastly different?What if they make a car as good or slightly better quality wise, but because of a new approach in production can sell it half as much as everyone else?Or sell for a comparable price but greater profit share?Yeah, there's no precedent of them doing that at all.
I generally don't buy rev1 things from any vendor for the reasons you cited. As for the Apple watch on my wrist, it isn't really a rev1 product - it's an evolution of the iOS ecosystem. Even so I stuck with the basic sport model. So far I have been more than vindicated.But yes, for me I will pass on the first model year of the iCar. Maybe successive years unless it's got compelling reasons over what I currently have whenever they do get around to releasing it. I've...
Hehe - so many replies, most of which would probably get me banned So I'll just leave it if you can't laugh at least a little then what a miserable existence you must lead.
I'm fortunate to be in a big enough city that we have a Tesla showroom and you can do a test drive, but I can see how in some area's it could be an issue.However even for a $40,000 purchase I've taken roadtrips from Las Vegas "down the hill" to SoCal to look over new models that weren't up in Vegas yet when I lived there. I guess it just depends on how interested you are.
"those computer guys will never survive making cell phones" lol - love it.
Naw - it's great at pointing out the humor-impaired.
Don't hold your breath. If Ford can keep Tesla from using "Model 3" then they can certainly keep Samsung from using Galaxy around anything car related (learned to drive in my grandparents Galaxy out on the farm!)
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