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I hope this is true. iPhone integration with aftermarket car stereo's is abysmal, and iOS 7 took my Kenwood's that had decent integration and screwed it up so that now I have to plug the 3.5" aux audio jack in to get audio. The USB still charges and controls my iPhone, but audio no longer plays over USB and I can't get any response from Kenwood if they will ever release a firmware update. Why bother putting a USB support and the ability to update firmware if you never...
I agree - but as long as it's an option, I don't have a problem with it. I don't think they will sell as well as the analysts are convinced they will. I could see the first offering selling well for pent up demand, but past that I see it playing out like the matte displays on the PowerBooks. Much noise initially and then dropping as sales don't justify keeping the offering.
The $64K question, eh? Excellent article and spot on. Actually I think it would be great if Apple's stock price would fall further - it would let them buy more back and further reduce Wall Streets influence. Idiotic, short sighted parasites....
Furthermore there is a form you can fill out and the house will be blurred out. There's lots to complain about with Google, but this is not one of them...
lol - It "just" ontrols the thing that consumes the greatest amount of energy - by far - in the vast majority of households.Yup - no big deal indeed!
No, because the space that would have gone for a slot used by hardly no one is instead being put to a larger battery. Duh.
Sigh... it has more cores or a newer reference design so therefore it must be better, right?Good gawd - are you not paying attention? Android doesn't even take advantage of quad cores - the dual core iPhone 5 still bests quad core Android phones. What good is having a gazillion cores if your software can't take advantage of them?And the last I checked, we are talking about mobile devices. More cores equals larger chips and also increased power use.If you paid attention...
The main problem with the Mini is the crappy GPU and lack of VRAM. From the company that practically invented/normalized the GUI for Pete's sake!
If you seriously think that Apple can sell 10's of millions of devices due to "sheep" behavior your dumber than the average sheep.
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