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I'm trying this on Firefox and really like it. I wish they would release a safari extension: https://www.eff.org/privacybadger
Work for it? Come up with better solutions that don't cause the 14K of text for the article you want to read to also be surround by literally megabytes of CRAP that keeps running in the background killing your data cap and battery life?Zero sympathy for the current state of the web. A strong dustup is long overdue.
Sounds like the end of the bleeding edge. Perfect time for Apple to establish their own fab. Pretty sure Intel, Samsung, TSMC and other chipmakers all rely on wafer makers and fab tools produced by others. Yes, they own the ultimate details around the final part of the fab process where much of the current magic happens, but not the whole manufacturing chain. Remember when Apple first started milling MacBook Pro unibody cases and tied up C&C machine supplies for years?...
.It's not the OS but physics. Battery tech sucks. It's not a big deal to charge the watch each night. Just like it's not a big deal to charge my phone either - as soon as I get home it goes in the dock right next to the basket my keys and wallet go into where it stays until the next day. It pair with my cordless phone in my home and for everything else I would do on my phone while out and about I have computers or my iPad it now my Apple watch. Best Apple TV remote ever...
Spoken like someone who doesn't own one. Have yet to go below 40%. And that's with the 38mm I bought by mistake. The 42mm I have on order to correct my boneheaded mistake has more battery capacity still.
Yup - but more people actually use apps on iOS so Apple gets more data than Google from mobile users.
Yes - I would have been much happier if Apple and not Google had bought them
Huh? Between blue shift and burn in, with so many drawbacks if it didn't have dramatic differences in efficiency (only power pixels lit up, not filter light through an always on backlight) why would Apple not only pick OLED but change the interface from white focused to black focus to better leverage the inherit power savings of OLED?Unless I'm completely misunderstanding your comment it seems completely nonsensical to me.
Yup. OLED will be a worthy successor to my plasma when my plasma finally dies. At least I hope so. Apple getting into OLED will hopefully kick some of those economies of scale arguments into high gear.Price isn't the only rub with OLED - burn in on it is pretty bad. Fry's in Las Vegas has two of the LG OLED displays on a display (they have been there since CES) and I noticed last month when I was looking at them again they had significant burn in of the LG logos But...
lol - what a comment on our society when having to wait a few weeks is the end of the world. No complaint about the product, capabilities, etc. - just that they couldn't get it in your grubby little mitts in a time frame that pleases you. Unbelievable. Would I rather have mine now than having to wait until the first week in June? Sure. Is it the end of the world? Hardly.
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