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I'm pretty sure neither the iPhone or iPad dynamically adjust their backlight. If you are referring to manually adjusting your backlight, than as Tallest Skil said - thanks for proving our point.
If China would have followed through I can only imagine the mental gymnastics the Android defenders would be coming up with to justify Google's no doubt continued capitulation...
Good for them, not everyone requires absolute quiet.And again, for most professionals the size of the desktop matters not. My Windows box is in a bigger case with even more empty space - cubic volume wasn't the consideration for why I picked it, a mix of other desirable features drove those decisions.Funny, mine has three in it right now. With an external power supply to drive them. PITA but it works. With the advancements in power consumption that nVidia is making,...
I wish them luck. If NFC was all it took to get mobile payments to take off Google would be way ahead of Apple by now since Android devices have supported NFC for years now, as Android fans are fond of pointing out. Apple Pay took off and shattered expectations of many once released because it isn't just NFC, but the whole experience of Touch ID, the secure element, well crafted software and NFC working as a cohesive whole to provide a compelling user experience. Who...
Fair enough - risk was probably not the word - danger of immediately ending, how about that.I didn't think I was - as I also said in my post, I'm not denigrating his offer and also acknowledging it's a huge personal sacrifice.The point I was trying to make is he wasn't offering to trade his life for Steve's as some seem to think. Hope that clarified my position sufficiently.
Agreed - darker themes in general would be welcome (Hated the all white or ridiculously bright trend ushered in with iOS7). However color of the screen matters not with LCD - the backlight is on no matter what is on screen. If Apple used an OLED display where power is only consumed if a pixel is lit, that would be different - but they don't.Probably because OLED is expensive, finicky and flaky even today, and probably couldn't be manufactured at Apple volumes yet. And...
Yup. And if they do jump to an Android phone - be prepared to root it! The carriers control the phones and apps bundled from the OS maker will be the least of their worries.And if you are going to root an Android phone to remove the carrier installed crap, just jailbreak your iPhone where you can just as easily remove the Apple provided stuff too.
Please go back and read the quotes carefully. Tim Cook's life was never at risk here. And medical ethics would prevent it anyway if it was.
This one didn't have to. Steve himself admitted not acting aggressively when first diagnosed was a mistake. If he had, it's very likely he would still be with us today. Hopefully if nothing else his experience could serve as a warning to others in a similar position to not make the same mistake.
Clarification - he offered part of his liver. The liver is one of few organs that can regenerate.I'm not denigrating Tim Cook's offer in any way, don't get me wrong. It's still a major operation and an incredible level of self-sacrifice. But Tim is correct, he would have been fine.
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