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I'm relieved to learn I'm not the only one who often misinterprets the state of the shift key!
 As for the arguments that other things on the road or in the car are also distracting, and therefore the known distractions of mobile devices should be left alone ... that isn't really logical, is it? That's like saying you might as well smoke cigarettes because there are so many other things that could also kill you. It's just a rationalization for doing something you don't have the self-control to stop.
 He didn't explicitly say either, actually, but since he was replying to earlier posts about downloading and running Xcode on Mavericks, it appears that his comment refers to running Xcode on Mavericks. I wasted enough time searching in vain for the Xcode 6.3 system requirements, and then downloading the 6 GB file referenced above, to justify posting a clarification for others who might find this thread.
 I tried installing Xcode 6.3 onto Mavericks this way. I could indeed download and install the app, but the app icon has a bar through it, and when I double-click it, I receive an error message that it requires OS 10.10. So it does appear that Yosemite is required to debug iOS 8.3 devices (because debugging iOS 8.3 requires Xcode 6.3 and Xcode 6.3 requires Yosemite). Apple's requirements once again alter my development priorities. I now need to spend time upgrading my...
 Nailed it.
I didn't realize the voice and the woman in the old photo was Rhiannon Giddens of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Cool!
 Not really, but that's the only situation I can think of where it might be legitimate to compel another person to change. You seem concerned about defining what is "normal" for other people. Why not just let people live the way they want to live until it becomes a problem for others?
 A kleptomaniac or sadist, by definition, harms others. A person with a physical deformity or disability is likely to want that to be corrected or mitigated. Neither is true for gay people.
 When he starts talking about being gay incessantly, then you can worry about it ... until then I really don't think writing one letter is going to distract him from his work. On the contrary, I assume he decided to clear the air about this issue so it would be less distracting moving forward.
If work/life balance (a.k.a. working fewer hours) were a big priority, you could find better places to work than Apple. But this seems like an interesting option for high-achiever types who want to pursue an opportunity with a top company without sacrificing their eventual family goals. I imagine many of these people will also make great parents when the time is right. BTW I didn't see anything in the article that said Apple was "encouraging" women to take this option. On...
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