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Agreed. I was going to cite "Dreamgirls" (loosely based on the Supremes), but Citizen Kane is a much classier example. :-)
It took several unsuccessful apps and a few years of steady growth with a successful app to get to that point. So in my case it has been a similar experience to starting a more traditional kind of business.
 Yes and yes.
 As a developer with a dozen apps in the App Store, I would say that it is not literally this bad, but it sure feels this bad. I've had 20 versions of an app approved, then suddenly rejected, then I submitted another version and it was approved again. The rules used to reject it were ambiguous and when I asked Apple for clarification, they didn't provide any. It is nerve-wracking every time I submit an app update to Apple because I know they could suddenly decide to reject...
I'm relieved to learn I'm not the only one who often misinterprets the state of the shift key!
 As for the arguments that other things on the road or in the car are also distracting, and therefore the known distractions of mobile devices should be left alone ... that isn't really logical, is it? That's like saying you might as well smoke cigarettes because there are so many other things that could also kill you. It's just a rationalization for doing something you don't have the self-control to stop.
 He didn't explicitly say either, actually, but since he was replying to earlier posts about downloading and running Xcode on Mavericks, it appears that his comment refers to running Xcode on Mavericks. I wasted enough time searching in vain for the Xcode 6.3 system requirements, and then downloading the 6 GB file referenced above, to justify posting a clarification for others who might find this thread.
 I tried installing Xcode 6.3 onto Mavericks this way. I could indeed download and install the app, but the app icon has a bar through it, and when I double-click it, I receive an error message that it requires OS 10.10. So it does appear that Yosemite is required to debug iOS 8.3 devices (because debugging iOS 8.3 requires Xcode 6.3 and Xcode 6.3 requires Yosemite). Apple's requirements once again alter my development priorities. I now need to spend time upgrading my...
 Nailed it.
I didn't realize the voice and the woman in the old photo was Rhiannon Giddens of the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Cool!
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