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 It turned out to be the "hands-on display" Cook mentioned at the very end. Photos here: http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/09/09/first-look-hands-on-with-the-all-new-apple-watch
Did I miss what the big white buildings are for? U2's dressing rooms?
For me, the live stream runs for anywhere between five minutes and five seconds before it stops. If I refresh the page, it sometimes restarts, sometimes loads an empty page template with no content and sometimes loads a generic server error page. At least the Asian translation audio is gone now.
 I'd love to have a temperature sensor when I'm biking or hiking because it's sometimes difficult to plan what clothes to wear in different weather and knowing the temperature during my current ride or hike lets me plan better for the next one. I currently carry an analog thermometer on my keychain, but it's so small I have to stop and squint at it to read it. A temperature display integrated into one of the fitness apps I'm already using would be a nice improvement for...
As a developer, I appreciate any change that will reduce the number of users who don't read the app description to see that some features require IAP's and then write negative reviews about it later.   But I agree with saarek that a facility for a trial period would be even better. I don't understand why Apple prohibits that. Maybe it would be hard to implement in a way that prevents abuse. But they don't even let developers try their own implementations.
 Agreed. I like the extra screen space of the 4" iPhone, but it's less comfortable to carry in my pocket, compared to the 3.5" model that I could forget was there. I can't imagine carrying around a 5" model unless I switch from jeans to cargo pants for daily wear.
I would like to share a simple trick for those who have ever complained that an article didn't seem relevant to them. Read the headline and look for key words that interest you ... if there aren't any, then don't read the article. Problem solved!   Now if only the repetitive "this article wasn't relevant to me" comments could be so easily skipped over...
 Especially since he apologized multiple times.
Since Office 2011 I've noticed that Excel is less smart about updating the ranges of formulas automatically as I add and delete rows. So using the screen shot shown here, I can imagine setting up the total cell with all but the last two budget items, then adding two more budget items and the range for the total doesn't expand automatically to include them. That might explain the $500 error.   Whenever I build an estimate for a client I double-check all the subtotal and...
 You could say that about any individual government program. For example, if I don't want to pay for the war in Afghanistan, my only choice is to give up citizenship. I think unless you want to be a hermit in the woods, that kind of compromise is a fact of life. In this case, I can understand the underlying principle of smaller government, or cutting government programs that help poor people, or whatever. I can't understand the absolute fervor to stop at all costs what...
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