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 A kleptomaniac or sadist, by definition, harms others. A person with a physical deformity or disability is likely to want that to be corrected or mitigated. Neither is true for gay people.
 When he starts talking about being gay incessantly, then you can worry about it ... until then I really don't think writing one letter is going to distract him from his work. On the contrary, I assume he decided to clear the air about this issue so it would be less distracting moving forward.
If work/life balance (a.k.a. working fewer hours) were a big priority, you could find better places to work than Apple. But this seems like an interesting option for high-achiever types who want to pursue an opportunity with a top company without sacrificing their eventual family goals. I imagine many of these people will also make great parents when the time is right. BTW I didn't see anything in the article that said Apple was "encouraging" women to take this option. On...
 ...then click the cloud icon in the corner of the album cover image. That worked, thanks!
 To be fair, Cook did say it would take a little longer than five seconds to "get across the whole Internet." I still haven't been able to see or download it, but I'll try later. It's a nice bonus for me since I'm a U2 fan and would have bought the new album.
 It turned out to be the "hands-on display" Cook mentioned at the very end. Photos here: http://appleinsider.com/articles/14/09/09/first-look-hands-on-with-the-all-new-apple-watch
Did I miss what the big white buildings are for? U2's dressing rooms?
For me, the live stream runs for anywhere between five minutes and five seconds before it stops. If I refresh the page, it sometimes restarts, sometimes loads an empty page template with no content and sometimes loads a generic server error page. At least the Asian translation audio is gone now.
 I'd love to have a temperature sensor when I'm biking or hiking because it's sometimes difficult to plan what clothes to wear in different weather and knowing the temperature during my current ride or hike lets me plan better for the next one. I currently carry an analog thermometer on my keychain, but it's so small I have to stop and squint at it to read it. A temperature display integrated into one of the fitness apps I'm already using would be a nice improvement for...
As a developer, I appreciate any change that will reduce the number of users who don't read the app description to see that some features require IAP's and then write negative reviews about it later.   But I agree with saarek that a facility for a trial period would be even better. I don't understand why Apple prohibits that. Maybe it would be hard to implement in a way that prevents abuse. But they don't even let developers try their own implementations.
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