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This is one more reason to offer the iPhone on multiple carriers. The ordering process might not have melted down yesterday if the processing could have been distributed across a few different systems. After many timeouts and error messages, I upgraded my wife's iPhone and ordered a new one for myself. But I didn't receive email receipts for either, and I can't look up the order status for the new order. I tried to call AT&T website support and couldn't get a call...
I've been trying to upgrade my wife's iPhone and add a line for a new phone for myself via the att.com website periodically for the last four hours with no luck. I've never gotten more than 1-2 pages in before getting some kind of error message. Oh well, remember when people thought you were crazy to buy Apple products? Now the demand is so high it's hard to get one.
Thanks for posting this. I need to upgrade my wife's iPhone, convert to a family plan so I can add a new one for myself, and port my existing number to that line. I feel like there will be the least chance to mess something up if I do this with an AT&T rep.
Heh. Well, the beauty of the iPod concept, to me, is that I don't have to plan in advance what I want to listen to. I used to select a dozen CDs to take with me. Now I just take the iPod, and everything is there. If I see a sign beside the road that reminds me of a song I used to like, I dial it up and listen. Even if I'm just working in the back yard, and a Beatles song pops into my head and I want to hear the album it came from, I don't want to go inside, fiddle with my...
On my last trip I took an iPod, cell phone, GPS and digital camera and finally realized, this is silly. So I was ready to replace all these devices with the new iPhone announced today. Unfortunately, the maximum storage staying at 32GB throws a wrench in my plans. I held off buying an iPod touch for several release cycles until its storage finally went up to 64GB. Now I don't want to do the same thing with the iPhone. But I also don't want to carry both an iPhone and an...
I don't use gmail. I do use Google Analytics, but the moment I'm done using it, I log out. This keeps my search activity anonymous. I'm comfortable with this tradeoff. (But I do know a lot of people who remain logged into gmail 24/7, providing Google lots of good, personalized data.)
So it still requires Windows, but lets me test multiple IE7 and IE8 within a single Windows installation? Thanks, I will check that out!
Now that Apple is the "biggest" tech company in the world, I'm looking forward to the day I don't need these products. The only thing I need a Windows installation for is to test websites in Internet Explorer. Problem is, you can't install IE7 and IE8 on the same machine, so I have to keep TWO Parallels installations, which use 10GB each, take around 15 minutes to launch and suspend, and are unusably slow if both are running together. So if I tweak a website and want to...
I thought the tethering worked over wifi. Is that how it worked originally, before the option was shut down?
Yes ... I still don't have an iPhone, and tethering is the one feature that is most likely to make me go for it. The double-resolution screen that was reported here a couple days ago, and a new camera with a flash, would also be pretty compelling.
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