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I don't use gmail. I do use Google Analytics, but the moment I'm done using it, I log out. This keeps my search activity anonymous. I'm comfortable with this tradeoff. (But I do know a lot of people who remain logged into gmail 24/7, providing Google lots of good, personalized data.)
So it still requires Windows, but lets me test multiple IE7 and IE8 within a single Windows installation? Thanks, I will check that out!
Now that Apple is the "biggest" tech company in the world, I'm looking forward to the day I don't need these products. The only thing I need a Windows installation for is to test websites in Internet Explorer. Problem is, you can't install IE7 and IE8 on the same machine, so I have to keep TWO Parallels installations, which use 10GB each, take around 15 minutes to launch and suspend, and are unusably slow if both are running together. So if I tweak a website and want to...
I thought the tethering worked over wifi. Is that how it worked originally, before the option was shut down?
Yes ... I still don't have an iPhone, and tethering is the one feature that is most likely to make me go for it. The double-resolution screen that was reported here a couple days ago, and a new camera with a flash, would also be pretty compelling.
Poor execution? It was clear to me she was making fun of herself, or technophobes in general, not the iPhone. She could have done the same joke with any smartphone, but if she's an Apple user herself, naturally she picked that one. I thought it was well done and funny.There are so many "I'm a Mac / I'm a PC" parodies in YouTube, and there were parodies of the "switcher" ads before that, and I remember parodies of the "What's On Your PowerBook" magazine ads in the 90's ......
Man, I hate that ribbon concept. When I first learned to use a Mac, one of the first concepts was the menu at the top of the screen. It's neatly organized by category and you can always find the command you're looking for, and see the scope of the application's functionality, by glancing through a few of the menus. This approach encourages you to think rationally about the task you're trying to accomplish, what other tasks it's related to, and therefore where its command...
Ha ... I bought one of those right before OS X came out, and the company never released an OS X driver, and I never even got to use the swivel feature. No idea if anyone still makes them, though.
I'm a web developer, not a designer, but I use Illustrator and Photoshop regularly to export web graphics from my designers' work (which usually includes rearranging the layers and doing other prep work). I don't think I use any features that have been introduced since 2000, but I have to keep upgrading to maintain compatibility with my OS, and with my designers' versions. I would happily pay for upgrades that fixed bugs and made the applications launch and run faster, but...
Are you submitting these to apple.com/feedback? (I mean the ones that could be addressed in a software update, anyway.) I agree with most of your observations and have already submitted several feedback notes myself.
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