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Yes, but does this feature work for anyone in iPhoto? On my computer, with my photos, it's a joke. It processes and processes, and after a few hours it tags a photo of my brother as being my mother-in-law. Totally unusable.
I wondered that, too. Does this signal that Apple has calculated it can make more money from the music sales than from the hardware? Or is it counting on all future media hardware relying on streaming rather than internal storage? Or it just preempting competition in a similar but related arena? More concrete question, could the Lala purchase have a big role in next week's announcement, or is that too recent to figure largely in what's being introduced next week?
I've been wondering about this, too. I recently read The Perfect Thing, the history of the iPod development, and it made a pretty good case for Apple saving the music industry by implementing a new business model. It does seem that the newspaper and magazine industries are ready for the same kind of transformation, and Apple has proven they can do it. I already have a laptop and don't see a need for a smaller "production" device, but if the iPod touch is a "consumption"...
You must be confusing Greenpeace with other environmental groups, urban legends or fantasies. Greenpeace practices civil disobedience, not militance or vandalism. Navigating an inflatable dinghy between a whale and a harpoon or chaining yourself to a bulldozer are classic examples. The majority of the Greenpeace incidents I recall involve climbing a smokestack to hang a banner or something harmless like that. I'm not sure the Apple protests involved anything more than...
Agreed. As someone pointed out in the Ballmer thread, he looked awkward holding it. Same in the photo here ... the person can barely palm the device. I wouldn't be surprised if a larger device that is somehow easier to hold is one of the Apple innovations, courtesy of Jonathan Ive.
It's funny that Microsoft is targeting the 2010 holiday season for the next version of Mac Office. Who would buy Mac Office as a Christmas present? It could be useful as a threat, though: "You'd better be good or Santa will leave a copy of Microsoft Office under the tree!"
Fortunately, it only took him one day to take a clear stand against both torture and illegal wiretapping, direct government agencies to comply with freedom of information requests, and announce a timetable for closing Gitmo. He's made some excellent decisions since then, too. But he won this award last year, so I'm voting for Jobs. As for new competition from Palm and Google, I'd say that only shows how important the iPhone has been in leading the way toward new...
Trademark protection is limited to your industry. So, Big Apple = Tourism, Apple Bank = Finance, Apple = Computers, no problem there. Apple Corps = Music Publishing, Apple = Computers, no problem if the computers don't play music (which, in the 1980's, they didn't). iPod = Computers, iPodRip = Computers, there's your problem.Awesome, thanks for getting Apple to bring back the matte option!
I remember a Macworld Expo or WWDC keynote a few years ago where Steve Jobs was demonstrating some kind of email capabilities and as part of his demo he typed in this email address, steve@mac.com. It got a big laugh, but yeah, I guess he would have had first dibs on the names.
Isn't Microsoft-bashing the flip side of Apple-loving? I was thinking someone should tell Steve Ballmer that Bing is a "rounding error" in the search engine market.
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