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At least they're responding to the new Microsoft ads, but didn't those start months ago? Are they even still running? (I don't watch TV, so the only time I see the Apple or MS ads is when AppleInsider posts them!)
This sounds like good news for Exchange users, but as a SOHO user I have no need for Exchange, and there's no way I would want to complicate my life with Outlook. I'll keep using Entourage for now, but I'll keep an eye on Apple Mail updates and start thinking about a switch. I'm also planning to buy iWork along with Snow Leopard when it comes out, so it looks like MS Office is going to be playing a smaller role in my computing life over the coming year.
You missed Booga's point that reselling or donating (legally it's the same thing) his CDs while keeping a digital copy wouldn't be legal. Keeping a copy of CDs you check out from the library isn't legal, either, but I'm guessing you already know that since you put "borrowed" in quotation marks.
Sounds good, thanks. I'm looking forward to the upgrade.
Since we're discussing licensing agreements and the honor system, here's a question for you. The Snow Leopard and Box Set family pack licenses state that they cover users in the same household but do not extend to "business or commercial users." My wife and I live together and both have Mac laptops. She uses hers mostly for personal stuff, and occasionally when bringing work home from her outside job. I imagine this describes a lot of Mac users. I'm self-employed,...
Thank goodness. I'm only 1/3 of the way into the lifespan of my current laptop (on average) but I was already worried about what I'd do when it came time for my next one. I wouldn't blink at an extra $50 when I'm buying an essential piece of professional equipment that will last approximately three years. I'm not a fan of that keyboard, either, but the screen is what really had me worried.
Oh, man, this perfectly describes most of the users on most of the online forums I participate in. There's something about this format that lets people discard all courtesy and modesty and just rant. It's great to see someone being taken to task about it. Thanks, tt!
Got it. I thought my Garmin knew which way I was facing, but you're right -- I just tried it and it doesn't figure this out until I start moving.
Maybe this is a dumb question, but what can you do with a compass that you can't do with GPS?
Can anyone tell me if it's possible to switch between Safari 3 and Safari 4 on my computer? When I install a new iLife application, I usually rename the old one to keep it around for a while, and then the new version won't overwrite it. If I rename my current Safari application to "Safari 3" will it still run after installing Safari 4? I'm a web developer and I want to keep the option of testing in the "old" version if possible.
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