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I'd be less annoyed by this if each recent version weren't buggier than the last one. I keep up to date with the three Adobe products I use (and yes, I do pay for them) to maintain compatibility with OS updates and with other freelancers I work with, and each upgrade comes with a period of learning the workarounds for the new bugs. The last version of Illustrator went a step further by actually removing features I've relied on for years with my web development...
Looks like the narrator in this video has been studying Jony Ive in old Apple product launch videos. But seriously, since I got my first hybrid car 10 years ago I've been saying that a big part of the fuel savings comes not from the fancy engine but from the real-time MPG info displayed on the dash -- which could be integrated into any car. It looks like this is an easy way to do that. I hope it works and lots of people use it!
I don't know any of the details, but it seems like frequent transitions between autopilot and manual control would be troublesome. Drivers have a hard enough time focusing as it is ... if they were able to take "breaks" while the car took over I think it would be hard for a lot of people to get back on task when they needed to. Also, the driver's seat isn't a very comfortable place to do much besides drive, so I'm not sure how valuable it would be for the car to take over...
  I have that book in hard-copy as well ... good stuff and it's too bad it wasn't more widely followed by developers of non-Apple software and web applications.   Anyway, Apple has published their iOS Human Interface Guidelines online:   http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#documentation/UserExperience/Conceptual/MobileHIG/Introduction/Introduction.html
  Yes.     Yes.     And again yes!
  Finally! This is always my reaction to this argument but I've never heard anyone else say it.   The other thing is that employee wages are tax deductible, right? So a lower tax rate would decrease the incentive to hire staff or make other tax-deductible business purchases like new computers and equipment.
I only read one magazine regularly and it's only available in the proprietary Zinio format. I resisted subscribing digitally for at least a year because of that, until I finally caved in. But I hate the idea that if the app goes away in a few years, all the back issues I paid for will go with it.   Similarly with books, I would be much more likely to buy if they used a standard format. I currently have some books in iBooks and some in Kindle, the one magazine in...
I suppose this will come out right after I finally finish replacing all my 30-pin dock accessories with Lightning accessories.
  You left out the obvious "plethora." LOL ... from the Three Amigos.
  You mean the one where the computer has no network connection after waking from sleep, and then crashes when you try selecting a network? That's the fix I'm waiting for. I've never had to restart so many times as in the last two weeks.
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