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I only read one magazine regularly and it's only available in the proprietary Zinio format. I resisted subscribing digitally for at least a year because of that, until I finally caved in. But I hate the idea that if the app goes away in a few years, all the back issues I paid for will go with it.   Similarly with books, I would be much more likely to buy if they used a standard format. I currently have some books in iBooks and some in Kindle, the one magazine in...
I suppose this will come out right after I finally finish replacing all my 30-pin dock accessories with Lightning accessories.
  You left out the obvious "plethora." LOL ... from the Three Amigos.
  You mean the one where the computer has no network connection after waking from sleep, and then crashes when you try selecting a network? That's the fix I'm waiting for. I've never had to restart so many times as in the last two weeks.
You know it's bad when a government employee is complaining about corporate bureaucracy.
I liked the ads. I like that Apple is branding the Genius as a concept. I loved that the third ad showed the Genius sleeping in his Apple uniform, like a superhero or something.   I have a friend who's never owned a Mac, but the other day she commented how nice it would be to get free support at any Apple Store. I have other friends and relatives who might be interested in using iPhoto and iMovie but wouldn't explore them on their own. I don't think these people...
I'm just glad to see a converter is available. I have four power adapters placed strategically around my home and office, and when it comes time for a new laptop, it would be significant extra cost to replace all of those.
They do it because the average user can't be bothered to keep track of their login information for more than a couple favorite sites, so allowing users to log in through Facebook increases participation. The real question is why so many users are okay with Facebook tracking them not only on facebook.com but on all these other websites as well.
"Mona Simpson, Jobs' sister, remarked at his memorial service last October that he had probably owned enough copies of the shirt for everyone in attendance."   How cool would it have been to have given them out as mementos. What else would you do with hundreds of shirts? Auctioning them off for charity also comes to mind.
After reading "Wake Up" and "Be Bold" I almost expected the third part of the slogan to be "Think Different"!
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